Garbage & Recycling Collection

The annual Spring Clean-up Garbage day is scheduled for May 18, 2024

Clean-up days are an opportunity for residents to dispose of "bulk items" that are not generally included in garbage collection such as furniture, appliances, and boxes. However, hazardous waste (paint, gas, chemicals, etc.), electronics (computers, stereos, etc.), building materials (wood, lumber, drywall, etc.), tires,  and landscape waste (trees, branches, logs, leaves, etc.) are not included in this program. Bulk item collection takes place on one day for all zones across the Village. There is no different day for the Monday/Tuesday and the Thursday/Friday zones.

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Garbage and Recycling Collection Program
Contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems (773) 685-8811
The Village contracts with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) to provide comprehensive garbage, recycling and yard waste collection services, as well as other special programs for residential properties. (The Village of Glencoe no longer collects any garbage, recycling, or yard waste.) LRS bills residents directly on a quarterly basis. Residents have the option of selecting between curbside or top-of-drive service, collected either once weekly or twice weekly. Service levels are for garbage collection only, as all recycling will continue to be collected curbside. Quarterly fees are inclusive of garbage and recycling collection, fall leaf collection and an annual clean-up day. The current fee schedule is as follows:

Residential Service


Once Weekly Curbside

$85.72 per quarter

Once Weekly Top-of- Drive

$143.75 per quarter

Twice Weekly Curbside

$143.98 per quarter

Twice Weekly Top-of-Drive

$230.67 per quarter

Combined Yard Waste and Food Scrap Sticker

$2.84 per sticker

Combined Yard Waste and Food Scrap Subscription

$149.64 annual fee

Follow this link to look up the garbage collection day for your address.
General Garbage Collection Program Guidelines
  • Garbage in Glencoe is currently collected by Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS). Garbage, recycling and yard waste must be out for collection no later than 7 a.m. In the event of a missed collection residents should contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems directly at (773) 685-8811.
  • Residents may not place garbage, recycling or yard waste for collection for more than 24 hours in advance of the regularly scheduled collection. 
  • Household garbage must be placed in plastic or paper bags and stored in leak-proof metal or plastic containers. Loose garbage will not be collected. (This does not apply to special pickups.)
  • Broken glass must be wrapped, labeled and placed in a separate container.
  • Residents who elected curbside collection service must use a wheeled cart (35-, 65- or 95- gallon in size) provided by Lakeshore Recycling Systems. Residents who elected top of drive service may use a 35- or 65- gallon wheeled cart or an independently purchased 32-gallon container with handles for lifting and tight-fitting covers (maximum of 3). 
  • Top of Drive containers will not be collected if they are in a gated area or enclosed structure. LRS crews are not permitted to enter homes, garages, porches or other private property structures to collect garbage.
  • LRS will not collect building materials such as concrete, dirt, stone, brick, floor tile, roofing, shingles or lumber.
  • Garbage Cart/Can Options are as follows:
    1. Once a Week Curbside Collection - Residents must use an LRS provided, 65- or 95-gallon garbage cart or a 65- or 95- gallon garbage cart from the Village. Limit of two containers.
    2. Once a Week Top-of-Drive Collection - Residents may use an LRS provided 65-gallon cart or provide their own container that is no larger than 44-gallons. Limit of three containers.
    3. Twice a Week Top-of-Drive Collection or Curbside Collection - Residents provide their own containers or use standard containers (listed above). Limit of three 44-gallon containers for Top of Drive Collection.
General Curbside Recycling Program Guidelines
  • Curbside recycling in Glencoe is collected by Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS)
  • Pick-up is once a week on your regular garbage collection day.
  • Place the LRS recycling carts at the curb, with the handle facing your house, no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection.
  • Mix all recyclable materials together in the cart, no separation is necessary with single-stream recycling
  • Leave all items loose in the cart; do not bag recyclable materials. 
  • Plastic bags and film cannot be recycled as part of the curbside recycling program. 
  • Follow this link for a list of acceptable items.
Special Collections (Bulk Items) Guidelines
  • LRS provides special pick-up services at the resident's request. A special pick-up is for anything other than your regular household waste (furniture, mattress, carpet, boxes, etc.) but does not include hazardous waste (paint, gas, chemicals, etc.) or building material (wood, lumber, drywall, etc.). To schedule a special collection for oversized items, call Lakeshore Recycling Systems at (773) 685-8811
  • All special collection materials must be brought to the curb and must weigh no more than 50 pounds and be no longer than four feet in length. A 24-hour minimum notice is required. The current rate is $10/yard.
  • White goods and appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.) are available for collection by contacting LRS to schedule a pick-up. White good collection materials must be brought to the curb, and a 24-hour minimum notice is required. The fee per white good item is $30.
  • A special collection can be scheduled on your regular garbage pick-up day or a supplemental pick-up can be scheduled due to an event generating additional regular household garbage. 

Collection Map
Community Portal Collection Day Look-Up  |  View Printable Collection Map
The Village is divided into four zones for primary garbage and recycling collection. Primary collection days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Should you choose to have a twice-weekly collection, your second collection day is as follows:

  • Monday Primary - Thursday second day collection
  • Tuesday Primary - Friday second day collection
  • Thursday Primary - Monday second day collection
  • Friday Primary - Tuesday second day collection
Holiday ScheduleThere are no garbage and recycling collection services for the following Village observed holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
Your Garbage and Recycling Collection Day may be impacted if one of these observed holidays falls on a weekday. Use the table below to find out if your Garage and Recycling Collection Day will be affected.

(Please note that Yard Waste Collection is ALWAYS on Wednesdays.)

Combined Food Scrap/Yard Waste CollectionGlencoe's combined curbside yard waste and composting service, provided by Lakeshore Recycling Systems, allows residents to dispose of compostable materials landscape waste and food scraps in biodegradable paper yard waste bags or curbside bins between April 1 and December 15. (See a list of acceptable food scrap materials here.) There are two options for utilizing this service: volume-based (stickers) and subscription (annual payment). Please note, the composting service is available if you do not need yard waste collection.

Subscription Service 

Yard waste subscribers may place unlimited bags or bundles of combined food scrap and landscape waste material at the curb each week on Wednesdays from April 1 through December 15. The annual subscription fee is included on your quarterly bill and does not require yard waste stickers. To subscribe contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems at (773) 685-8811.


Residents, who are not subscribing to the annual combined food scrap and yard waste collection subscription service, must affix blue stickers to each biodegradable paper yard waste bag (no larger than 32 gallons) or bundle of branches/brush. Stickers may be purchased at the Grand Food Center or at Village Hall. 

Yard Waste Size and Weight Restrictions

Any branch set out for yard waste collection may not be more than four feet long and four inches in diameter. Yard waste can be set out at the curb using the following methods:

  • Metal or Plastic Cans: Yard waste can be set out in metal or plastic can no larger than 32 gallons.
  • Kraft-type Paper Bags: Yard waste can be set out in the kraft-type paper yard waste bags provided they do not exceed 32 gallons and weigh under 50 pounds. 
  • Branch Bundles: Branches can be bundled together using string or twine. Bundles can be no larger than 2 feet in diameter and must be under 50 pounds. Individual branches in the bundle may not be more than four feet long and four inches in diameter. 

Food Scrap Composting Station

The Village also provides a food scrap composting drop-off station for residents, year-round and at no additional cost. The station is located at 320 Temple Court, behind the Public Works Garage. The station is serviced by Lakeshore Recycling Systems and the list of acceptable materials can be found here. The station is not intended for yard waste and only Kraft paper bags are allowed in the bins. Please do not place any plastic bags in the bins, including "biodegradable" bags. 
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WasteNot Curbside Compost Collection Service
The Village of Glencoe is excited to launch a curbside compost collection service in partnership with WasteNot Compost starting May 2024! Read the press release here. Pre-registration for the service is open to all Glencoe residents! To sign up, choose a service collection frequency and enter payment information. Glencoe residents who complete the sign up process will have their 5-gallon WasteNot receptacle dropped off within 10 business days of signing up. 

The simple steps to start composting are highlighted below:

  • Fill out the Sign Up Form on WasteNot’s website here
  • Choose the frequency of service you would like to receive for your household: weekly and bi-weekly options available.
  • Receive your receptacle and start composting starting May 2024!

Residential Service Information
Participating residents will be given an airtight 5-gallon compost receptacle, with the option to select either a weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) service pickup. A “receptacle swap” strategy will be used, which includes replacing used receptacles with a new, clean sanitized container each pickup. There are no long term commitments and no cancellation fees, the service is also offered year-round!  WasteNot is able to accept a wide variety of compostables including all food waste, 100% paper products, certified compostable products, and more in the receptacles provided to Glencoe residents. 

All billing, customer service requests, account questions, and general service questions will be handled through WasteNot. Participating residents, or "Members", will have access to a "Member Portal" that provides easy access to edit, change, or review service options and billing. The portal also gives Members exclusive access to WasteNot's sustainable online shop and tracks personalized waste diversion metrics. 

Click here to view more information on why you should compost.

Commercial Service
Are you a local business, school, or organization in Glencoe who is interested in composting? Please complete the commercial inquiry form and a WasteNot Commercial Service representative will reach out to you promptly with more information on how to get started with our business composting service. All types of organizations and businesses including public and private schools along with non-profits are eligible for the service. 

About WasteNot Compost
WasteNot Compost is the nation’s only zero-emissions compost collection service for homes, businesses, and events. WasteNot has become Chicagoland’s leading compost collection provider, one of the largest electric fleet owners in Illinois, and has been ranked the #1 compost collection service in the USA four years running by WasteNot Compost, Chicagoland’s leading compost provider and only zero-emissions service, has been awarded the exclusive residential compost service contract from the Village of Glencoe. 

Special Collection Programs
Annual Clean-Up Days
The Village has an annual Clean-Up Day in the spring. The 2024 Clean-Up Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 18. Clean-up days are an opportunity for residents to dispose of "bulk items" that are not generally included in garbage collection such as furniture, appliances, and boxes. However, hazardous waste (paint, gas, chemicals, etc.), electronics (computers, stereos, etc.), building materials (wood, lumber, drywall, etc.), tires,  and landscape waste (trees, branches, logs, leaves, etc.) are not included in this program. Unlike the Village's previous Clean-Up Day program, bulk item collection takes place on one day for all zones across the Village. There is not a different day for the Monday/Tuesday and the Thursday/Friday zones.

Paint Disposal
Oil-based paint cannot be disposed of with your regular garbage or during Spring Clean-Up. Latex paint can be disposed of with regular trash or during Spring Clean-Up because it is a non-toxic, water-based paint.  You will need to add an absorbent material such as shredded newspapers, kitty litter, sawdust, or waste paint hardener to your latex paint and let it dry out completely in a well-ventilated area and away from children and pets. Once it is dry, put the container with your garbage with the lid off. To learn more about how to dispose of items not accepted with your regular garbage collection service, please view SWANCC's Green Pages here.
Donate and Recycle Day Drop-Off Event
Organized by the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force, the Donation and Recycle Drop-Off Event is an effort to divert items that would otherwise go to the landfill on the Village Clean-Up Days for reuse and recycling. The event is located at the Southwest Metra Commuter Parking lot.  Local area organizations take a variety of items for donations and recycling at different stations, including furniture, bicycles, and building materials at this event. For more information, click here. 

Holiday Tree Collection
On Wednesdays during the month of January, LRS will pick up holiday trees at no cost. Remove all lights, ornaments and garland and place the tree at the parkway behind the curb.

Leaf Collection
The Village's annual curbside Leaf Collection Program begins mid-October and continues through the end of November or later (start and end dates dependent upon leaf fall). For the third year, the Village's garbage and recycling contractor, Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS), will collect the leaves on behalf of the Village. As you put out leaves for collection, remember the following:

  • Watch the Village's "News and Headlines" on the website home page for more updates on start and end dates as well as when crews will be in your area. 
  • Pile leaves in a row along the parkway in front of your property. Leaf piles in the street are a traffic hazard and clog the storm sewers, which can cause flooding.
  • A long, low row of leaves is better than a single large pile and helps limit the blowing of leaves into the street.
  • Crews will make four to five passes through each neighborhood. 
  • Residents who use a landscape contractor are urged to have the contractor remove leaves at the time their yard is serviced (this is often included).
As a reminder, the use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers is permitted only from April 1-April 30 and October 1-November 30, with flexibility for the Village Manager to adjust these dates if needed due to seasonality. Commercial landscape maintenance contractors may operate from 7 a.m.-7 p.m., Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Work is prohibited on Sundays and holidays. Contact Public Works at (847) 835-4134 with questions.

Hardship Program

As part of the new garbage collection services agreement, the Village has established a Garbage Collection Hardship Program for those residents who are physically unable to bring their garbage materials to the curb. By participating in the hardship program, the Village’s garbage collector, Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS), will collect your household’s garbage materials from the top of your driveway and return them to the top of your driveway.  Residents who qualify to receive this program will be charged the curbside collection rate. Note that this program is only for garbage collection and not for recycling, and only applies to the once per week garbage collection service. 

To enroll in the hardship program, residents must receive or qualify for the following: 

  • Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Veterans Administration Disability Benefits
  • Civil Service Disability Benefits
  • Railroad Retirement Disability Benefits
  • Class 2 disability card from the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office 
  • Disabled license plate from the State of Illinois 

Should you be unable to bring your garbage to the curb as a result of a temporary injury (i.e. a broken limb), please contact LRS at (773) 685-8811 to learn about temporary programs available to you while you recover.

Download an application here or fill an application out at the Resident Services Counter in the Village Hall located at 675 Village Court, open 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Completed applications should be submitted to, faxed to (847) 835-4172, or delivered to the Resident Services Counter.

Pet Waste

Pet ownership comes with many responsibilities, including the responsibility to be considerate of others in your community.  Dog owners should always carry a dog waste bag and pick up after their pet. Pet waste should be properly disposed of in the household trash.  Picking up after your pet is not only a courtesy, but also an environmental necessity.  Pet waste that is not picked up can be carried away by rainwater into the stormwater system.  The Village's stormwater system drains directly into the waterways and is not treated.  Pet waste can deplete oxygen supplies from water which can harm fish and plant life.  Not only that, pet waste can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  Some people think leaving their pet's waste is ok since it might act as fertilizer.  Pet waste is actually very acidic and does not help plants and grass grow.  It won't sink into the soil, instead will wash away into our waterways causing harmful algae to grow.