At any given time, Village staff will be engaged in a number of special projects - many of which take close collaboration between multiple departments, Village Board direction and input from residents to succeed. Learn more about our current or most recent projects from the short descriptions below and follow the links to the specific project pages for more in-depth details.


Glencoe Golf Club Clubhouse Redevelopment
Golf Club Clubhouse Project Information - Click Here

2023 Referendum Question - Click here to learn more
Community Improvement Program
The 10-Year Community Improvement Program (CIP) is a working document that allows the Village to map out priorities for investing in the Village's infrastructure (including water and sewer lines, roads, curbs and gutters) as well as capital equipment (such as ambulances and Public Works vehicles). Each year, actual expenditures proposed in the CIP are brought forth to the Village Board as part of the budget discussion. 
Comprehensive Plan
Help Shape Glencoe’s Future! The Village is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan (which was last done in 1996!). This new plan, titled All In, Glencoe will provide a guide to coordinated, long-range growth and development through goals, policies and projects that implement our community’s vision for the future. The planning process will be informed by extensive community engagement and we hope to have participation from all of Glencoe, and look forward to hearing from you. Learn more here.
Construction Projects
The Village of Glencoe was incorporated in 1896. While little of our original public infrastructure remains, much of it is approaching multiple decades in age and needs replacement. Learn what projects are slated for the upcoming year here.
Lead Service Line Replacement
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Village of Glencoe are concerned about lead in your drinking water. Although the federal government banned the installation of lead service lines in 1986 and there are no lead mains in the Village water system, the Village estimates that there are over 500 private properties with lead service lines (of 3,100 total services). Some of these homes in the community may have lead levels above the US EPA action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb), or 0.015 milligrams of lead per liter of water (mg/l) and should take steps to reduce lead in their drinking water.
Learn about the Village's lead replacement program.
Downtown Plan
Glencoe loves its downtown and the Village embarked on the Downtown Tune-Up to look for ways of enhancing, promoting and extending its best features. The result is the Downtown Plan (find it here)!
1801 Green Bay Road Subdivision
The Village’s Plan Commission is in the midst of reviewing a subdivision application for 1801 Green Bay Road, commonly known as the Hoover Estate. The applicant is proposing to develop the 12.1-acre property by subdividing into 29 lots with new homes. Learn more here.
Strategic Plan
Learn about the Village's strategic vision, goals, priorities and specific initiatives the Village Board have established to set Glencoe on the right track toward achieving our longer term aspirations as a community. Click here to learn more.
Tudor Court
Tudor Court was identified in the Downtown Plan as presenting an opportunity for place-making through special streetscape treatments. To this end, the Village enlisted the assistance of Teska Associates, an urban planning and design firm based in Evanston, IL, to facilitate community engagement around the Tudor Court enhancements. Learn more about the award-winning completed project here.
Water System Master Plan
The Water System Master Plan is comprised of two major initiatives: (1) the Water Distribution System Plan and (2) the Water Supply Planning Report. The Water Distribution System Plan is helping the Village to prioritize infrastructure projects (water mains, the water tower, fire hydrants), while the Water Supply Planning Report addresses options for the Water Treatment Plant moving forward, including the possibility of moving and rebuilding, renovating or closing the plant completely in favor of consolidating with another plant. Learn more.
Village Governance
During development of the Village’s current Strategic Plan and strategic vision statement, the Village Board discussed the State of Illinois’ significant impact on Village operations. As an outcome of this discussion, the Board determined that it was necessary to evaluate the Village’s current governance structure, including its regulatory, financial and economic development authority. Glencoe is currently a special charter, non-home rule municipality which imposes governance and regulatory limitations on the Village Board related to each of the above subject areas. Staff was directed to research and present information regarding Glencoe’s current form of government and whether it provides optimal regulatory authority and adequately equips the Village to respond to the community’s needs within a continually changing environment. Learn more.