Forest Edge Subdivision

Forest Edge (1801 Green Bay Road) Subdivision Project Overview:
On October 15, 2020, the Village Board unanimously approved the subdivision application for the Forest Edge Subdivision at 1801 Green Bay Road, commonly known as the Hoover Estate, following a lengthy review process by Village staff, the Plan Commission and the Village Board, with the inclusion of extensive feedback from nearby residents.
Proposal Review Steps:(COMPLETE) Step 1: Initial concept meetings with Village staff and a pre-application conference with the Village Board: Given the magnitude of the proposed project, the Village Board held a pre-application conference with the developers. The Village Board gave the developers preliminary feedback on traffic management, stormwater mitigation, historic preservation, environmental sustainability and potential impact on surrounding properties. 
Relevant documents: Committee of the Whole Packet | Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes

(COMPLETE) Step 2: Plan Commission Review and Recommendation of Preliminary Plat: The Plan Commission is tasked with reviewing preliminary subdivision plat proposals and passing on recommendations to the Village Board. This review took into consideration 12 subdivision standards (view the 12 standards here), along with other relevant factors (e.g. historic preservation). The Plan Commission hosted three public meetings on the proposal in the summer and fall of 2019 and passed a recommendation of approval with conditions on to the Village Board on September 25, 2019. Relevant documents: June 26 Plan Commission Packet, August 28 Plan Commission Packet, September 25 Plan Commission Agenda Packet, Plan Commission's recommendations to the Village Board.

(COMPLETE) Step 3: Village Board Decision Regarding Preliminary Plat: At its October 17, 2019 meeting, the Village Board approved the preliminary subdivision plat. Following preliminary plat of subdivision approval, the developers prepared and submitted a final plat of subdivision to the Plan Commission for further review. Relevant documents: October 17 Village Board Agenda Packet, Village Board Resolution Approving Preliminary Plat.

(COMPLETE) Step 4: Plan Commission Review and Recommendation of Final Plat: The Plan Commission considered final engineering of the subdivision, including traffic management, stormwater management and other factors, during two meetings on July 15 and 22, 2020. At the July 22 meeting, the Plan Commission voted to recommend approval with conditions of the Final Plat. Relevant documents: July 15 meeting agenda packet., July 22 meeting agenda packet.

(COMPLETE) Step 5: Village Board Decision Regarding Final Plat: At its August 20, 2020 regular meeting, the Village Board held a discussion of the proposed final plat. Click here to view the August 20 Village Board meeting agenda packet. At its October 15, 2020 regular meeting, following public comments, the Board unanimously approved the proposed final plat and development agreement for the Forest Edge subdivision. Click here to view the October 15 Village Board meeting agenda packet.

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