Current Construction Projects

CIPLogoFINAL(Small)Current Construction ProjectsStaff is currently preparing to implement the 2024 capital improvement projects as detailed in the Village's 10-Year Community Investment Program (CIP). As the construction season progresses, stay tuned to the construction updates on this page and subscribe to Village eNews for timely updates. 
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South Green Bay Storm Sewer Improvement
Please follow this link for the dedicated South Green Bay Storm Sewer Improvement 

Residential Sidewalk Replacement ImprovementsProject Description: The Village maintains over 73 miles of public sidewalks throughout the community. Each year, the Village assesses the condition of residential sidewalks for replacement based on the structural condition of the concrete (cracking, spalling or deterioration), heaved or excessive sloping due to tree roots and poor drainage. The primary goal of the program is to maintain a safe and functional pedestrian sidewalk system. The residential sidewalk replacement program in the Village is managed by dividing the sidewalk system into three zones with each zone inspected on a three-year cycle. Identified sidewalk squares, together with reported hazard locations, comprise an annual targeted replacement program. The 2024 program will primarily focus on replacing the deficient existing sidewalk in the southern section of the Village south of South Avenue.
  • Total Project Cost: $150,000
  • Project Contractor: TBD
  • Project Start Date: Late Summer 2024
  • Project Completion: Late Fall 2024
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, P.E., Village Engineer
  • Resident Impacts: Temporary sidewalk closures
  • Project Location Map: View Location Map

Progress Update (March 6, 2024): The Village is surveying the area and preparing a list of locations for bidding. 

Sanitary Sewer Rehab-IICP (Area 2) ImprovementsProject Description: Repair and rehabilitation of the Village’s sanitary sewer collection system is an ongoing process that includes the replacement and lining of sewer main pipe and manhole repairs. To that end, the Village continues to work to meet the requirements of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) mandated Infiltration/Inflow Control Program (IICP) to eliminate inflow and infiltration (I/I) from the sanitary sewer system. Working together with an engineering consultant the Village has completed condition assessments to identify defects in a second identified priority area (Area 2) of the sanitary sewer collection system. Based on that study, the Village will continue to conduct sanitary sewer point repairs, sewer main lining and sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation in 2024.

Progress Update (March 2024): Bid specifications are being prepared. 

Crosswalk Improvements Project Description: The Village’s Active Transportation Plan (ATP), completed in 2017, identified several barriers to walking and biking. In 2024, the Village will be purchasing and installing pedestrian crossing beacons, known as rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFBs) at several crosswalks in the Village. RRFBs are push button activated and emit a flashing light that alerts drivers to the presence of pedestrians crossing at an intersection. Planned locations include the Takiff Center Crossing on Green Bay Road, Green Bay Road & South Avenue and Dundee Road and Bluff Street. Additional locations may be considered as funding allows. 

Progress Update (March 2024): The Village of preparing to request bids for the purchase and installation.

Water Main Valve ReplacementsProject Description: During routine maintenance, the Village discovered that several of the water shut-off valves along the two 16-inch water mains were inoperable. These two 16-inch water mains form the backbone of the Village's water distribution system, and the water valves are used to isolate sections of the water main for routine maintenance and emergency repairs.  

  • Total Project Cost: $210,000
  • Project Contractor: TBD 
  • Project Start Date: Summer 2024
  • Project Completion Date: Fall 2024
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, P.E., Village Engineer
  • Resident Impacts: Localized traffic interruptions for reconstructing manholes. Water service may be briefly interrupted.

Progress Update (March 2024): An engineering firm has been hired to design the replacement. 

Park Avenue Storm Sewer Outfall
Project Description: The Village's storm sewer on Park Avenue discharges into Lake Michigan through two 12-inch outfall pipes at the southeast end of the Water Plant. The outfall becomes clogged with sand and stones when Lake Michigan water levels become high. This project will engineer and construct a new drainage system that will be less prone to clogging, which will prevent stormwater backups.  

Progress Update (March 2024): Bid specifications are being prepared. 

Safe Routes to School Improvements Project Description: The Village’s Active Transportation Plan (ATP), completed in 2017, identified several barriers to walking and biking. The Village, in partnership with School District 35, received $118,500 in federal Safe Routes to School funding to mitigate some of the barriers identified in the ATP. The proposed improvements will include updated and restriped crosswalk markings, widened sidewalk waiting areas at school corners, and school zone pavement markings. The contract for this work is anticipated to be approved in early summer 2024, with work starting soon after.

Progress Update (March 2024): Project plans and specifications are being finalized for an IDOT bid letting targeted for June 2024.