Current Construction Projects

CIPLogoFINAL(Small)Current Construction ProjectsStaff is currently preparing to implement the 2023 capital improvement projects as detailed in the Village's 10-Year Community Investment Program (CIP). As the construction season progresses, stay tuned to the construction updates on this page and subscribe to Village eNews for timely updates. 
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Lakefront Bluff Stabilization and Access Road Improvements
Project Description: The access roadway from Hazel Avenue down to the Water Plant traverses across the bluff below Lakefront Park. The lower portion of the ramp from the Halfway House to the Plant was constructed approximately 75 years ago. A bluff condition assessment completed in 2018 recommended the replacement of the retaining wall on the west side of the roadway. The Village and Park District partnered on the design of a comprehensive improvement to replace the retaining walls above and below the roadway as well as reconstruction of the roadway. The project will be partially funded by two State grants totaling $780,000, and constructed in two phases to meet the funding requirements of one of the grants. Phase 1 construction on the new concrete retaining wall above the roadway (west) is expected to begin in early April and be completed by June 30.

  • Total Project Cost: $1,884,000
  • Project Contractor: Martam Construction 
  • Project Start Date: Phase 1 – early April; Phase 2 – September 5
  • Project Completion Date: November 22
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, P.E., Village Engineer 
  • Resident Impacts: Limited pedestrian access to lower roadway
  • Project Location Map: View Exhibit
Progress Update (November 17, 2023):  This week the contractor continued pavement removal and began installation of the first layer of asphalt on the ramp. Next week the contractor will install the final layer of asphalt on the ramp. During this phase of construction, the lower ramp will be closed to the public at all times and there will be periodic closures of the Hazel Avenue ramp to allow for construction traffic. All beach access must be made via the stairs at the halfway house. The remaining improvements and restoration at the Hazel Avenue street end began this week and will continue into the coming weeks. While work is underway at the Hazel Avenue street end, there will be limited access to the turnaround area and changes to the normal traffic pattern.
Residential Sidewalk Replacement Improvements
Project Description: The Village maintains over 73 miles of public sidewalks throughout the community. Each year, the Village assesses the condition of residential sidewalks for replacement based on the structural condition of the concrete (cracking, spalling or deterioration), heaved or excessive sloping due to tree roots and poor drainage. The primary goal of the program is to maintain a safe and functional pedestrian sidewalk system. The residential sidewalk replacement program in the Village is managed by dividing the sidewalk system into three zones with each zone inspected on a three-year cycle. Identified sidewalk squares, together with reported hazard locations, comprise an annual targeted replacement program. The 2023 program will primarily focus on replacing the deficient existing sidewalk in the central section of the Village north of South Avenue and south of Dundee Road.

  • Total Project Cost: $200,000
  • Project Contractor: Schroeder & Schroeder
  • Project Start Date: October 23, 2023
  • Project Completion: Late Fall 2023
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, P.E., Village Engineer
  • Resident Impacts: Temporary sidewalk closures
  • Project Location Map: View Location Map
Progress Update (November 3, 2023): The Village’s annual concrete sidewalk and curb replacement project is coming to a close, and restoration work is underway. The contractor is planning to finalize this project the week of November 6. 
Street Resurfacing Improvements 
Project Description: Included in the referendum approved by Glencoe residents in April 2021 was $3.1 million for maintenance street resurfacing of residential streets. The maintenance resurfacing improvements are phased over two years (2022 and 2023) with the streets identified for resurfacing generally last paved between 1998 and 2008 or locations where significant Village utility improvements have been completed since 2010. In 2023, the Village will resurface approximately 5.34 miles of pavement on 24 street segments.

  • Total Project Cost: $2,525,000
  • Project Contractor: Builders Paving, LLC 
  • Project Start Date: Spring 2023
  • Project Completion Date: Late Summer 2023
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, P.E., Village Engineer 
  • Resident Impacts: Some temporary daytime lane closures 
  • Project Location Map: View location map
Progress Update (July 28, 2023):  This week the contractor completed installation of the final layer of asphalt and installed pavement markings. The 2023 maintenance street resurfacing project is now substantially complete. Over the next couple of weeks, the contractor will be addressing punch list items including landscape restorations, removal of construction signage and other minor repairs. We appreciate your patience throughout the project.
Water Main Replacement Improvements
Project Description: A Water Distribution System Study completed in 2016 analyzed the Village’s water distribution system and identified segments of water main for replacement to improve reliability and water system fire flow. Beginning in 2017 the Village has been slowly working through the plan and completing recommended improvements. In 2023, the Village will be replacing water mains on three residential streets: Skokie Ridge Drive between Oak Ridge/Elm Ridge Drives and Sunset Lane, Sunrise Circle and Pebblewood Lane.

  • Total Project Cost: $1,210,000
  • Project Contractor: Mauro Sewer Construction, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: April 2023
  • Project Completion Date: July 21, 2023
  • Project Manager: Don Kirk, Public Works General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Temporary daytime road closures as well as some temporary disruptions in water service.
  • Project Location Map: View Location Map
Progress Update (July 21, 2023): All work is complete. Thank you for your patience during this Community Improvement Project.
Green Bay Trail Crossing Improvements at Hazel Avenue 
Project Description: Improvements on the Green Bay Trail crossing at Hazel Avenue, started in 2022, will be completed this spring. The proposed improvements include widening the trail between Cedar Lane to the south and Park Avenue to the north, improved grading and alignment at the crossing, enhanced signage and pavement markings and new trail and street lighting. The total cost of this improvement is $570,000 with $400,000 of the project costs being covered by Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP-L) funds.

  • Total Project Cost: $170,000
  • Project Contractor: Alliance Contractors, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: Late Summer 2022
  • Project Completion Date: Late Spring 2023
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, P.E., Village Engineer
  • Resident Impacts: Daytime detours for trail users. 
  • Project Location Map: View location map
Progress Update (March 2023): Remaining work to be completed this spring includes the installation of retaining wall railings, project lighting, signage and pavement markings and final landscape restoration.

Sanitary Sewer Rehab-IICP (Area 2) Improvements
Project Description: Repair and rehabilitation of the Village’s sanitary sewer collection system is an ongoing process that includes the replacement and lining of sewer main pipe and manhole repairs. To that end, the Village continues to work to meet the requirements of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) mandated Infiltration/Inflow Control Program (IICP) to eliminate inflow and infiltration (I/I) from the sanitary sewer system. Working together with an engineering consultant the Village has completed condition assessments to identify defects in a second identified priority area (Area 2) of the sanitary sewer collection system. The results are being utilized to complete additional sanitary sewer point repairs, sewer main lining and sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation in 2023.

Progress Update (March 2023): Bid specifications are being prepared. 
Safe Routes to School Improvements 
Project Description: The Village’s Active Transportation Plan (ATP), completed in 2017, identified several barriers to walking and biking. The Village, in partnership with School District 35, received $118,500 in federal Safe Routes to School funding to mitigate some of the barriers identified in the ATP. The proposed improvements will include updated and restriped crosswalk markings, widened sidewalk waiting areas at school corners, school zone pavement markings and the installation of two new rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) systems at crossings on Dundee Road and Green Bay Road. The contract for this work is anticipated to be approved in early summer 2023, with work starting soon after.

Progress Update (March 2023): Project plans and specifications are being finalized for an IDOT bid letting targeted for June 2023. 
Beach Road Lakefront Storm Sewer Improvements Project
Project Description: The Village’s storm sewer system on Beach Road discharges into Lake Michigan through an outlet pipe at the bottom of the bluff, east of the Beach Road cul-de-sac. The Glencoe Park District’s boating beach operation utilizes a portion of the Beach Road right-of-way extended. The Beach Road storm sewer outlet pipe will be relocated to the north edge of the Village property as part of this improvement to better secure and protect the storm sewer and reduce the impact of the outfall on Park District operations. The work to relocate and upgrade the existing storm sewer to the north edge of the Village property abutting the Park District Boating Beach is expected to be completed by mid-May and have minimal impact on Park District operations. 

Progress Update (May 19, 2023): Installation of the relocated storm sewer pipe and related storm sewer structures has been completed. Final restoration and project wrap up will be completed the week of May 22 and will have minimal impact on Park District operations.