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In the Village of Glencoe, knowledge, interest and participation are vital to the delivery of top quality public service. Residents are encouraged to participate on various boards, commissions, committees and task forces relevant to Village issues. These boards and commissions provide leadership, establish policies and oversee budgets while working hard to ensure an open and responsive government. Serving as a board or commission member requires work and commitment, and can be a very rewarding experience. The most important qualification for serving is an interest and willingness to serve.

Presently, there are 10 boards, commissions and committees appointed to assist the Village Board in its policy-making decisions and to address specific projects, policies and issues. These public bodies are comprised of nearly 60 professionals and civic-minded individuals from all sectors with diverse backgrounds but a common commitment to the community.

Village Boards and Commission
Click on the name of each board or commission in the left side menu to learn more about its purpose, function and the days and times upon which each public body usually meets.

Public Body
Monthly Meeting
Day & Time
Ad-Hoc Design Review Committee 7 Open Meets As Needed
Golf Advisory Committee 6 3 3rd Monday - 5:30 p.m.
Golf Clubhouse Task Force 6 Open Meets As Needed
Preservation Commission 5 5 1st Tuesday - 5:30 p.m.
Glencoe Council for Inclusion and Community 12 3 1st Wednesday - 5:30 p.m.
Plan Commission 10 4 4th Wednesday - 7 p.m.
Police Pension Fund Board 5 2 4th Wednesday - 7 a.m.*
Public Safety Commission 3 3 Meets As Needed
Sustainability Task Force 10 3 4th Tuesday - 7 p.m.
Zoning Board of Appeals/
Zoning Commission
7 5 1st Monday - 7 p.m.
    Meeting times may vary due to COVID-19 pandemic

*Meets Quarterly
Attendance and Compensation
Members are expected to regularly attend and participate in all meetings. All service is without compensation and on a volunteer basis.

Rules of Procedure
The Open Meetings Act requires the members of the boards and commissions to discuss public business in an open, public forum. This law requires that whenever a gathering of three or more board or commission members occurs during which public business is discussed, such meetings must be advertised (through a posted agenda) and be open to the public.

Statement of Economic Interest
Per state statute, all elected and appointed officials and local government employees who have authority to authorize the expenditure of public funds, execute contracts and issue licenses and permits must file a statement of economic interest with Cook County.

Applying to Serve
If you are a Glencoe resident interested in serving on a board, commission, committee or task force, complete the application and return it to the Village Manager’s Office. Completed applications may be supplemented with a bio, resume, letter of interest, or any other information that may be helpful in the selection process.

Applications are always welcome and will be kept on file in the event of vacancies. As vacancies occur, appointments are recommended by the Village President and approved by the Village Board. Due to staggered terms, the Village is always looking for candidates! Click the link at the top of this page for the application.