Golf Advisory Committee

The Golf Club Advisory Committee was established in 1992 to serve as a liaison between the Village Board of Trustees (the Glencoe Golf Club’s Board of Directors) and golfers who play at the Glencoe Golf Club, which is located at 621 Westley Road.

The Committee meets when called to conduct business on matters relating to the Golf Club and includes a member of the Village Board as the Village Board’s liaison to the Golf Club Advisory Committee.

Each member of the Committee, appointed by the Village Board, is a resident of Glencoe. The Committee recommends items that should be considered for implementation in regard to operating procedures or capital improvements and reviews maintenance programs and service levels.

Members of the Committee include:

  • Eva Levy, Chair
  • Joe Halwax, Village Board Representative
  • Michael La Porte
  • Greg Turner
  • Matt Siebert
  • Gerald Wine
The Golf Advisory Committee meets the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at Village Hall from September through April, and meets at the Golf Club during the summer months, typically between the months of May through August.