Fire Pension Fund Board

The Village of Glencoe’s Firefighters Pension Fund Board is comprised of five members per Illinois Statute. The Board consists of the Village Manager, Village President, Public Safety Director, Village Attorney and one vacant position. All members are appointed for two-year terms.

The Firefighters Pension Fund Board is responsible for investing, controlling and managing the affairs of the Firefighters Pension Fund, which provides retirement benefits for former sworn members of the Glencoe Public Safety Department and authorizes the distribution of funds as provided by Illinois State statute. When the Glencoe Police and Fire Department consolidated over fifty years ago, the Firefighters Pension Fund ceased accepting new applicants, and all new Public Safety Officers are now enrolled in the Glencoe Police Pension Fund. As a result, the Firefighters Pension Fund has only one remaining beneficiary.
Members of the Board include:
  • Philip Kiraly, President
  • Steven Elrod
  • Howard Roin
  • Sean Loughran
  • Vacant
The Firefighters Pension Fund Board meets on as-needed basis, in the First Floor Conference Room at Village Hall.