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Welcome to the Glencoe Community Portal
Enter your address into the Glencoe Community Portal search box to find the following:
  • Property Summary (includes a zoning map, Village service details and school district information)
  • Government Representatives (includes your polling location as well as federal and state elected official information)
  • Zoning Information (includes your zoning description as well as a link to the zoning code)
To view an interactive map of the Village click here. Use the tools on the right to view parking information, garbage collection, and more.

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows users to show multiple different types of data on one map. The Village uses GIS to power our Community Portal, which allows residents to look up information about their property. 

GIS Consortium

The Village has belonged to the GIS Consortium, a group of over 30 Illinois cities and villages that collectively uses a GIS product powered by MGP Inc, since 2000. The consortium works together to develop GIS solutions and strive to achieve the full benefits of GIS by maximizing value while reducing cost. Community Portal that allows residents to look up information about their property. 
Glencoe Community PortalLearn more about your property, the Glencoe community and Village services.

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