Village Vehicle and Animal Licenses

2023 Village Vehicle and Animal License Renewals 

Updated May 31, 2023: 2023 vehicle or pet license renewals were due May 1. All vehicle license renewals after May 1 have a $50 late dee penalty. 

Vehicle licenses are required for all motor vehicles registered in the State of Illinois with a Village of Glencoe address. Similarly, any person owning a cat or dog over six months old is required to purchase a license for that pet.

Village Ordinance requires that licenses be displayed and properly affixed to the passenger-side windshield by May 1. Likewise, Village Ordinance requires dogs and cats to wear a Village tag stamped with an identifying number. Public Safety will begin license enforcement on May 1. If you have any questions about license enforcement, please contact Public Safety at (847) 835-4112.

In an effort to streamline the process of annual vehicle registration, the Village of Glencoe is developing a plan to transition to a virtual vehicle sticker registration program. Over the coming few years, the Village's goal is to replace physical stickers with a virtual program (with the option to receive a physical sticker at the resident’s discretion).

Effective immediately, in line with this effort and until the Village’s program is fully functional, residents may elect to inform the Village that they would like to voluntarily participate in the virtual sticker program and decline to affix a sticker to their windshield. Registration fees (and late charges, if applicable) are still required, regardless of whether a virtual or physical sticker option is selected.

Vehicle and Animal License Fees and Payment Options
Vehicle licenses are $50 and pet licenses are $20, except for seniors who receive a discounted vehicle sticker rate of $25 per vehicle. If changing to a senior classification, you're required to complete your application(s) at Village Hall. All Vehicle licenses purchased after the May 1 due date will incur a $50 late fee penalty.

Payments for licenses can be made online at this page, by mail, via the white drop box outside Village Hall or in-person at Village Hall during regular business hours. 

If you have any questions about applications or payment options, please contact the Finance Department at (847) 835-4113