Staff Directory

Use the directory below to search for Village staff members. Click on the top row of each column to resort the directory by name, department or title, or use the search box on the right to do the same. Look up contact information for elected officials through the Board of Trustee Directory.

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Department Name First Name Last Name Title Phone
Finance Nikki Larson Finance Director nlarson@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1108
Finance Denise Joseph Assistant Finance Director djoseph@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1105
Finance Neringa Shapiro Billing Services Coordinator nshapiro@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1110
Finance Margie Ziegler Management Analyst mziegler@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1107
Public Safety Deborah Hersh Administrative Assistant dhersh@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1129
Public Safety Steve Emery Community Service Officer semery@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461- 1111
Public Safety Matthew Esposito Lieutenant mesposito@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1126
Public Safety Cary Lewandowski Public Safety Director clewandowski@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1132
Public Safety Michael Neimark Lieutenant mneimark@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1150
Public Safety Peter Neville Lieutenant pneville@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-3675
Public Safety Kenneth Paczosa Lieutenant kpaczosa@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1125
Public Safety Mary Saikin Deputy Chief msaikin@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1179
Public Safety Katie Sweeney Community Service Officer ksweeney@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1148
Public Safety Michael Talend Lieutenant mtalend@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1128
Public Safety Mara Trusky Records Clerk mtrusky@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1156
Public Safety Richard Weiner Deputy Chief rweiner@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1127
Public Safety Leland Weinzimmer Lieutenant lweinzimmer@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1149
Public Safety Greg Whalen Lieutenant gwhalen@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1130
Public Works Mark Dooley Supervisor mdooley@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1146
Public Works Norri Dowling Office Coordinator ndowling@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1121
Public Works Adam Hall Management Analyst ahall@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1115
Public Works Lynn Hoette Health Inspector lhoette@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1114
Public Works Ray Irby Supervisor rirby@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1155
Public Works Anna Kesler Village Engineer akesler@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1119
Public Works Don Kirk General Superintendent dkirk@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1154
Public Works Puresa Kirkman Receptionist/Cashier pkirkman@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1122
Public Works David Mau Public Works Director dmau@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1116
Public Works Nathan Parch Community Development Administrator nparch@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1118
Public Works Robin Pierson Administrative Assistant rpierson@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1153
Public Works Dan Quartell Supervisor dquartell@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1652
Public Works Alex Urbanczyk Water Plant Superintendent aurbanczyk@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1651
Public Works Robert Waring Supervisor rwaring@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1151
Village Manager's Office Ron Dussard IT Coordinator rdussard@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1112
Village Manager's Office Philip Kiraly Village Manager pkiraly@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1101
Village Manager's Office Megan Meyer Assistant to the Village Manager mmeyer@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1104
Village Manager's Office Sharon Tanner Assistant Village Manager stanner@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1103
Finance Diane Serpe Accountant dserpe@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1106
Finance Julie Geyer Finance Data Coordinator jgeyer@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1109
Village Manager's Office Jordan Lester Management Analyst/Deputy Village Clerk jlester@villageofglencoe.org (847) 461-1100