Curbside Composting Has Arrived In Glencoe!

Curbside Composting Has Arrived in Glencoe!

A year-round curbside composting program has arrived in Glencoe! Participating residents receive an airtight 5-gallon compost receptacle where participants can place a wide variety of compostables including all food waste, 100% paper products, certified compostable products, and more. Depending on needs, a weekly or bi-weekly service is offered. Additionally, WasteNot will use a “receptacle swap” strategy, which includes replacing used receptacles with a clean, sanitized container each service. Pre-registration for the service is open to all Glencoe residents! To sign up, choose a service collection frequency and enter payment information. Glencoe residents who complete the sign up process will have their 5-gallon WasteNot receptacle dropped off within 10 business days of signing up.