Union Pacific Technology Testing on Train Line

Have you noticed a freight train locomotive and freight cars on the train tracks in Glencoe recently? If so, you saw the Union Pacific test its new Positive Train Control (PTC) signal system that is being installed in our area. To conduct this testing, Union Pacific is periodically operating trains that are equipped with the new PTC technology on tracks traveling through Glencoe. In the short term, you may see additional test trains operate while Union Pacific continues its testing process, though these are not permanent changes to the types of trains that travel through Glencoe. The rail lines will remain passenger-only once testing is completed.  According to Metra, PTC testing is scheduled in late 2017 on the Union Pacific lines and will be installed in 2018.

According to Union Pacific, PTC is an advanced system designed to automatically stop a train before certain accidents occur and help prevent certain types of accidents. Learn more about PTC at Union Pacific’s website and about the implementation of the technology on Metra’s lines on Metra’s website.