Smart Water Meter Customer Portal Now Live!

Smart Water Meter Customer Portal is Now Live

Whether you are a residential or business customer, one of the benefits of having a smart water meter is access to your water usage via an online portal. Customers can now track water usage from anywhere at their convenience by enrolling in the online customer portal.

Water usage information is accessible to customers through an online portal and is used by the Village to generate utility bills, manage water production, and provide a higher level of service to water customers experiencing a water related issue in their home or business. Because smart meters do not require manual meter reads, they offer several additional benefits such as reduced transport, fuel, labor costs and decreased carbon emissions.

The portal provides access to water usage, giving customers:

  • Better control over water use and resulting bills
  • Ensuring fair and accurate water billing
  • Assistance in identifying and repairing water leaks
The new portal will allow customers to set parameters to be notified via email, text message or phone call for varying levels of usage. This may help quickly identify sharp increases in usage, that can be caused by increases in irrigation, filling a pool or a leaky plumbing fixture.

Visit villageofglencoe.org/smartwatermeter for information on how to enroll in a smart water meter portal, as well as additional frequently asked questions