Alarm Permits Due January 18

Keep Your Home Safe! Alarm Permit Renewal Info 
Alarm Permit Bills Due Monday, January 18, 2023

It's that time of year to renew your alarm permit! Bills have been mailed this week and may be paid online, by mail, in-person at Village Hall during business hours, or via the white mailbox outside Village Hall. 

Standard Residential Fee $50
Senior Residential Fee $25 primary resident must be 65 years or older and will be required to provide proof of age
Non-Residential/Business $50

If paying online, go to www.villageofglencoe.org/pay to pay by Visa or MasterCard. Please do not combine this payment with other Village debts or send alarm payments through the Village’s utility processing lockbox.

New Alarms: If you have a new alarm system, please complete our alarm permit registration form here.

Inactive Alarms: If you no longer have an active alarm system, you must notify the Village in writing at finance@villageofglencoe.org. You will continue to be charged for alarm services until the Village receives written communication.