North Shore Gas to Conduct Work in the Strawberry Hill Neighborhood

North Shore Gas to Conduct Work in the Strawberry Hill Neighborhood

North Shore Gas will be updating the natural gas mains in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood beginning the week of August 28. Gas mains are the large pipes running in or near the streets that bring natural gas to homes and businesses in the area.

  • Phase 1 is scheduled to begin the week of August 28.

FY 2018 CIP (Proposed)

Customers affected by the construction should have received letters with the following information:

  • There may be extensive excavation in your area. Within six weeks of the completion of this project, North Shore Gas plans to restore any disturbed areas, primarily through the placement of black dirt, grass seed and repaving, if needed.
  • If you already have gas service, work may need to be performed on your natural gas service line. Prior to performing any work on the service line, North Shore Gas will need you to provide the location of any private underground lines, such as for sprinkler systems and invisible dog fences, so they can avoid contact.
  • North Shore Gas may need to enter your home to determine the location of your sewer line. If the location of your sewer line can’t be determined by other means, they’ll contact you to schedule an appointment for access into your home. Although they exercise every caution to locate and avoid your sewer line during construction, if you notice a problem with your sewer drain during or after the work is completed, contact them right way at (866) 573-6867. Do not attempt to clear the sewer line. The sewer line and natural gas line could intersect, causing an unsafe condition.
  • If you have a gas meter inside your home, it will be moved outside. Locating meters outside increases safety and reduces service delays. If your meter is inside, North Shore Gas will contact you to schedule an appointment for this work. During that time, gas service may need to be interrupted for up to four hours. When finished, they will promptly assist in relighting all of your natural gas appliances. There is no fee for this service.

North Shore Gas is committed to working quickly and efficiently to minimize any disruptions. If you have questions, please call them at (866) 556-6004.