Combined Food Scrap/Yard Waste Collection Program Begins April 6

Combined Food Scrap/Yard Waste Collection Program Begins April 6

Glencoe's combined curbside yard waste and composting service, provided by Lakeshore Recycling Systems, allows residents to dispose of compostable materials landscape waste and food scraps in biodegradable paper yard waste bags or curbside bins through December 15. 

There are two options for utilizing this service:

  • Subscription Service: Landscape waste subscribers may place unlimited bags or bundles of combined food scrap and landscape waste material at the curb each week on Wednesdays from April 1 through December 15. The annual subscription fee is included on your quarterly bill and does not require yard waste stickers. To subscribe, contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems at (773) 685-8811.
  • Stickers: Residents who are not subscribing to the annual combined food scrap and yard waste collection subscription service must affix blue stickers to each biodegradable paper yard waste bag (no larger than 44-gallons) or bundle of branches/brush. Stickers may be purchased at the Grand Food Center or at the Village Hall. 
Downtown Food Scrap Composting Station
The Village also provides a food scrap composting drop-off station for residents, year-round and at no cost. The station is located at 320 Temple Court, behind the Public Works Garage. The station is serviced by Lakeshore Recycling Systems and the list of acceptable materials can be found here. The station is not intended for yard waste and only Kraft paper bags are allowed in the bins. Please do not place any plastic bags in the bins, including "biodegradable" bags. 

Learn more about the Village's refuse collection efforts at http://www.villageofglencoe.org/garbage