Ordinance Approved - Backyard Chickens on Private Property

Backyard Chickens on Private Property

At the March 17 Village Board Meeting, the Board approved an ordinance amending the Village Code to allow keeping chickens on private property. Staff is currently working on finalizing the ordinance details, the permit application and official roll out of this program to share with residents in the coming weeks.
Basic highlights of the new ordinance include:
• Limits the number of total chickens one residence can have to four hens (roosters will be prohibited)
• Total number of licenses allowed in Glencoe will be limited to 10 residences on a first-come first-served basis
• Chickens must be kept in an enclosed coop or pen, which must be kept clean at all times
• Resident's property will require inspection prior to issuing a license

Look for updated information on the Village's website as well as on our social media channels in the coming weeks.