Village President Roin's COVID-19 Vaccination Message

Village President Roin's COVID-19 Vaccination Message

August 20, 2021
I’m sad to say that we are currently in the midst of a significant increase in new COVID-19 infections. The Delta variant is surging, and we are being reminded of the importance of wearing masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Since the last time we met as a Board, we’ve now again reverted to virtual meetings to help keep people safe. In addition, the Cook County Department of Public Health issued a mandate today that starting Monday, August 23, any individual age two and older shall be required to wear a mask when indoors in a public place, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. We’re very clearly still dealing with the pandemic, and it’s still impacting our Village, County, State, and nation.

As a community of neighbors, I ask all who live or work in Glencoe to help stop the COVID pandemic by not only wearing a mask whenever you’re in an indoor public place, but also by getting vaccinated if you are eligible. As of today, according to Cook County’s Department of Public Health, only 61% of our community is fully vaccinated. The Village of Northbrook has a vaccination rate of 84.5%, and both the Villages of Winnetka and Wilmette have higher vaccination rates than us at 65% each. Evanston reports that 79% of their residents are vaccinated. We can and must do better than we are.

As our public health agencies state, COVID vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccines are readily available in doctors’ offices, retail pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

If you are eligible to receive a vaccine but remain unvaccinated, you are placing others at risk, particularly those in our community who are unable to receive a vaccine at this time. Vaccinations protect our children and grandchildren under the age of 12 or your elderly neighbors. I am vaccinated myself to keep my own grandchildren as safe as I can.

Lately, as the pandemic seems to worsen each day, I cannot stress enough how important it is to get fully vaccinated against COVID. Please take action to protect both yourself and others from COVID by getting vaccinated so we can finally see the end of this terrible pandemic.

Remember: Wear your mask. Get vaccinated. Keep Glencoe safe.

Howard J. Roin
Village President