Fight the Bite: Mosquito Safety


Mosquito Safety

The North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (NSMAD) recommends that residents take personal protection measures to minimize mosquito bites including: using insect repellent, wearing loose fitting clothing and avoiding peak mosquito feeding times during the hours around dawn and dusk. Residents are urged to examine their property and eliminate any items that can hold water, particularly smaller items that may be easily overlooked.

Mosquito Control Tips

Please take personal protection measures to minimize mosquito bites – some tips for doing so are listed below. Report standing water and excessive mosquito populations/biting activity to the NSMAD here: www.nsmad.com/fight-the-bite/

  • Use insect repellent
  • Wear loose fitting, light colored clothing – light colored clothing is found to be less attractive to some species
  • Avoiding being outside during peak mosquito feeding times (around dawn and dusk)
  • Examine your property for anything that can hold water – if it can hold water, it can breed mosquitoes. Common items/areas include:
    • Unused pots, buckets, children’s toys
    • Swimming pools
    • Birdbaths
    • Rain barrels – be sure to tightly cover your barrels
    • Standing water on lawns in low spots, ditches or gutters (the water shouldn’t stand for more than a week)
Learn more about mosquito abatement at www.nsmad.com