Thanksgiving COVID-19 Message from Village President Lawrence R. Levin

Earlier this week, the State of Illinois announced additional COVID-19 mitigation measures aimed at reducing the rapid spread of COVID-19, asLevin_web all regions in Illinois are now experiencing alarming increases in COVID-19 cases and positivity rates. These new restrictions go into effect this Friday morning, November 20.  

Public health experts have warned that we are entering a dangerous phase of the pandemic, in which cases are surging and hospital resources are being stretched thin. Glencoe is not immune from this surge either – the number of new cases reported in Glencoe has more than doubled in the last two weeks alone.  

By now, I’m sure that most are aware of these mitigation measures. The mitigation measures all strive to do the same thing – limit people coming into close contact with each other in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. They lower the number of people who can be in stores at the same time, reduce the size of gatherings, prohibit indoor dining at restaurants, restrict group fitness classes, limit capacity in indoor workout facilities and close indoor recreation facilities such as theaters and museums.

For many of us, these restrictions come at a time of the year when we normally look forward to gathering with our loved ones to enjoy the holidays. Public health experts are urging all of us to find safer ways to celebrate the holidays, such as virtual gatherings or small outdoor gatherings that are socially distanced. Foregoing a large family gathering at this time of year is sad, but necessary.

Each of us has made sacrifices during the pandemic to work to keep one another safe and healthy, and I call upon our community once again to do our part to keep ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our community safe and healthy. Please heed the advice of public health experts – for now, stay home whenever you can, limit your contact with others outside of your household, avoid gatherings, and be vigilant about social distancing, washing your hands, and mask wearing. Take care of your emotional health and wellbeing by staying connected with loved ones and engaging with mental health professionals if you are struggling. Family Service of Glencoe is a tremendous resource in our community that is here to serve all people who live and work in Glencoe.

I also ask that you do your part to maintain the health and wellbeing of our Glencoe business community. Remember to shop Glencoe first, order takeout from your favorite Glencoe restaurants and enjoy outdoor dining options in downtown Glencoe. Before you make that order from Amazon or another online retailer, consider whether one of our small businesses can provide what you are looking for instead. Many are now offering online or phone ordering, and even private shopping experiences along with curbside pickup. Our business community has worked hard to adapt to the requirements placed upon them by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Let’s all support these efforts by patronizing our Glencoe businesses!

As I have said before, we might be ready to be done with COVID-19, but the COVID-19 pandemic is not ready to be done with us. I am truly grateful to the members of our community that have done and continue to do their part to help keep us all safe and healthy. I am sure, we will get through the difficult days ahead. I know, and you should know as well, that by working together we can create the conditions that will once again allow us to gather in celebration with our families and as a community. We will get there together.

I wish you, and those important to you, a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.