6 Simple Sustainable Activities to Try this Summer


Keep green practices front-of-mind this summer with the help of the Sustainability Task Force
  1. Re-Energize Your Electronic Recycling Efforts
    Did you know that the Village provides an electronics recycling drop-off service, free of charge? The drop-off takes place every Wednesday at the Public Works Service Building (325 Temple Court) from 1- 3 p.m., by appointment-only. To schedule an appointment call (847) 835-4134 or e-mail Robin Pierson at rpierson@villageofglencoe.org.

  2. Know that Not All Sealants Are Created Equal
    There is growing regional and nation concern regarding the use of coal tar sealants on private driveways. Driveway seal coat materials come in two basic varieties: coal tar-based and asphalt-based. Coal tar-based sealants contain much higher levels of chemical compounds that impact the quality of storm water run-off as they break down. Ask your contractor to use asphalt-based sealants if you have your driveway sealcoated this year.

  3. Shop & Eat Local
    Eating local and shopping for items that are locally sourced is environmentally-friendly. The Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agricultural reports that in the U.S. on average food travels over 1,500 miles to get to the end-consumers’ plate. Shipping food this far requires additional packaging, adding to our waste, and transportation which in turn adds to our carbon footprint. But by buying locally, you can help reduce this average and help ensure that food can be sourced locally into the future, when we may not be able to rely as much on natural resources to ship our food. A great place to start is in downtown Glencoe and at the Glencoe French Market.

  4. Engage in Active Transportation
    Use human powered energy to get to your Village destinations through walking or biking. Plan errands in advance to avoid making multiple trips, and walk or ride the Green Bay Trail to access downtown Glencoe.

  5. Take Advantage of “Trees for the Trails 
    The Friends of the Green Bay Trail invites residents to donate trees to be planted on the Green Bay Trail. The Village will pay 50% percent of the cost of all resident donated trees, with the resident responsible for the other 50%. Donated trees will be planted by Mike Greco Landscaping. Get started here.

  6. Be Water Wise
    Water conservation in summer months could not be more important – as peak consumption rises, so does the amount of household water that is wasted. Keep in mind that the Village’s seasonal lawn sprinkling regulations, which prohibit lawn sprinkling between Noon and 6 p.m., are now in effect through September 15. Residents are permitted to water lawns during the off hours on an odd/even alternating schedule based on street address and calendar day - odd addresses on odd days of the month, even addresses on even days. Homeowners with newly seeded or sodded lawns can receive a waiver to the restriction for a limited period by contacting Public Works at (847) 835-4111