Village Cross Connection Control Program Reminder

Village Cross Connection Control Program Reminder

Despite these unprecedented times, the Village of Glencoe is still required to comply with all State and Federal regulations as they pertain to water quality and safety. This includes enforcing the Village’s Cross Connection Control Program, which safeguards public heath and safety. Per Illinois Plumbing Codes and Illinois Department of Health regulations, backflow preventers must be tested annually. 

Backflow prevention device testing is still required for all active irrigation systems in Glencoe and other cross connection hazards. The Village understands some irrigation systems may not be activated on their normal schedule and will assist residents with granting extensions as needed. Most backflow prevention devices on irrigation systems are located outside and do not require the tester to enter the home.

For any residents that prefer to not active their irrigation system, the Village offers a cross connection lock box (CCLB) for a $100 fee. The CCLB is installed outside the home to prevent the irrigation system from being used and keeps the resident in compliance with the Village’s Cross Connecton Control Program.

All requests for backflow prevention device testing extensions and CCLB installation should be directed to Water Plant Superintendent Alex Urbanczyk at aurbanczyk@villageofglencoe.org or (847) 461-1651. Learn more.