Governor Issues Stay at Home Order - Until April 30

Governor Issues Stay at Home Order - Until Thursday, April 30

Governor J.B. Pritzker announced a State-wide stay at home order, beginning Saturday, March 21 at 5 p.m. through the end of the day on Thursday, April 30. This measure is being implemented to help limit further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Read the order along with frequently asked questions provided by the Governor.

What Governor’s Stay at Home Order Means for Glencoe Residents and Businesses
Please note: This information is based on the most recent communication from the Governor and will be updated as additional information is available.

The stay at home order means that residents must stay in their homes unless you need to leave for an essential service or supplies. Essential services and supplies include things like healthcare, groceries, medicine and medical supplies, hardware and home maintenance supplies, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, banking and more. Restaurants will continue to be open for pickup and delivery. Garbage collection and public utilities (such as electricity, natural gas and telecommunications) will continue to operate. A full list is included in the Governor’s order.

How Does the Stay at Home Order Impact Village Services?
The Village has been adjusting its operations in response to COVID-19 public health emergency for several weeks, even prior to the Governor’s stay at home order. Glencoe’s police, fire, EMS, water and sewer systems maintenance, water plant operations and other critical public services are continuing. 911 services are operating. Village Hall remains closed to the public, while administrative staff are working remotely.

What Activities Can or Can’t I Do Under the Stay at Home Order? Which Businesses Will be Open?
You can leave home for essential services and supplies. You can leave home to go to work if your employer provides essential services. You can walk, run and bike outdoors as long as you’re following social distancing guidelines.

Businesses that provide essential services as listed in the order are permitted to remain open. Other businesses, such as gyms, fitness centers, playgrounds, salons, amusement and entertainment venues are to be closed during the stay at home order. The Glencoe Park District will close all playgrounds in compliance with the order. Public and private gatherings of more than 10 people, outside of a single household, are prohibited.

What Should I Do During the Stay at Home Order?
Please use your best judgment when leaving home and only do so if absolutely necessary. The order is in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 and this will only be successful if individual heed the order and limit contact outside of home. If you must leave your home, be sure to use appropriate social distancing measures. You can take several other actions to:

  • Minimize the number and duration of trips outside of your home.
  • DO NOT hoard food or supplies. Illinois has a robust supply chain of food and essential supplies. Buy what you need and leave plenty for others.
  • Transact business online whenever possible.
  • Check before you go – check online or call a business before leaving home to verify their hours of operation or that they have what you need before you head out.
  • Stay healthy! Proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and taking care of your emotional wellbeing are important. Don’t forget to wash hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer wherever available. Limit touching your face.

Who is Enforcing the Stay at Home Order?
Residents should be responsible in following the stay at home order. Glencoe Public Safety Officers will continue to be present in the community and will share information about the order with the community whenever necessary. If necessary, Public Safety Officers may ask people to follow the stay at home order. The stay at home order is not martial law.

What Should I Do in an Emergency?
Call 9-1-1 in an emergency – Glencoe’s police, fire and emergency medical services are operating.