Northwest Metra Commuter Lot Closure

NW CommuterNorthwest Commuter Parking Lot: Temporary Closures

The western half of the northwest Metra commuter parking lot will be intermittently closed on weekdays during the month of December, and again in the beginning of February, for street light improvements. The Village's contractor, Jasco Electric, will replace the existing concrete poles with new cast aluminum poles and upgraded light fixtures that will closely match the downtown streetlights and include LED lamps.

This project begins the first of a series of projects over the next decade to upgrade commuter parking lot poles and fixtures. The new lighting is expected to be more energy efficient and have a longer useful life. The improvements this year will also include the installation of two new cast aluminum lighted bollards in the median area of the new crosswalk on Green Bay Road near Tudor Court to provide additional lighting for pedestrians.

Additional parking can be found in the southwest and southeast commuter parking lots located south of Park Avenue and along Old Green Bay Road. To learn more about alternative places to park during the lot closures, please visit the downtown parking map. For updates on the project, please visit the Village’s Community Improvement Program page.