Strategic Plan Update: October 2018 Bi-Monthly Report

Welcome to the Village's Bi-Monthly Key Performance Indicator Reports

Strategic Reporting-FINAL 06.15.18_Page_1As part of the newly adopted Strategic Plan, the Village has moved to a new bi-monthly reporting structure. The Village invites you to view the bi-monthly reports for August, June and October 2018, available online here.

The new reports build on data included in the old department monthly reports, with a new focus on readability and interpretation of data. The overall report is broken into six sections which support the Village’s new strategic goals and existing strategic priorities. The sections include financial health, community engagement, staff investment and engagement, business and housing, services and infrastructure.

Within the report pages, you’ll find graphed data, performance indicator icons, call-outs and bullet point summaries which provide overviews and assessments of the Village’s various areas of focus. This effort is a first step toward creating, tracking and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs), in line with the Village’s new Strategic Plan.

Questions about the reports can be forwarded to the Village Manager's Office at info@villageofglencoe.org.