Changes to the Water Rate Structure Explained

Changes to the Water Rate Structure Explained


As a water consumer in Glencoe, your quarterly water and sewer payments are invested directly back into the operation and maintenance of our community’s water production and distribution systems. An analysis conducted in fall 2017 revealed that the previous water rates were not sufficient to sustain water utility costs into the future, especially when factoring in much-needed maintenance, such as water main replacements and investments in technology to make monitoring and regulating water quality even more seamless. A final analysis presented in December 2017 specified new water rate structure changes, which were approved by the Village Board with the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in January.

Water rate changes will be effective with the March 2018 billing cycle (for January/February/March), as detailed below.

Volumetric Rates and the New Fixed Charge
Residents will see a new volumetric rate of $4.500 per 100 cubic feet (about 750 gallons) as well as a new fixed charge, based on water meter size. Residents with a larger meter size will see a cost increase for having a higher draw on the water system overall. Note that the prior volumetric rate was $3.567 per 100 cubic feet.

Meter Size   

5/8 inch

3/4 inch

1 inch

1 ½ inch

2 inch

3 inch

4 inch

Fixed Charge








Sewer Charge
Also effective with the March 2018 billing cycle, residents will see a 2.5% increase in their sewer charge, calculated by multiplying consumption by $1.027.

This new rate structure provides sufficient resources to pay for the Water Fund’s Fiscal Year 2019 operating expenses as well as approximately $615,000 in infrastructure, technology and equipment replacements. Learn about the Community Improvement Program here. Over the course of the next year, the Village plans to investigate creative ways to fund more substantial investments in our water infrastructure into the future and will also study the need for future rate changes.

A reminder that you can pay your utility bill online via the Village's Payment Center. All you need is your 10 digit account number. 

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