Winter Storm Safety Information

DSC_1075Village Snow Removal

To combat the multiple inches of snowfall late last week and over the weekend, Public Works crews worked around the clock (in two rotating 12-hour shifts) to plow Village streets and clear sidewalks. As crews continue to push back curbs and street corners (for visibility and safety), residents may see residual snow on their driveways. Crews will continue to clear residential sidewalks Monday and Tuesday. 

To help keep Village streets and sidewalks clear of snow, residents are encouraged to keep in mind the following:

  • Parking on Village streets is prohibited.
  • As mentioned above, driveways are often impacted by snow removal. Please remember to shovel snow from your driveway to the “downstream side” to help reduce the snow pushed across your driveway.
  • Please help keep fire hydrants clear of snow.

If you have any questions about Village snow and ice maintenance, please contact Public Works at (847) 835-4111

For updated winter storm warning information, please visit the National Weather Service's website.