Important Reminder Regarding Door-to-Door Solicitors

Recently, the Village has received several questions regarding door-to-door solicitors who have approached residents regarding their electric utility bills. In some cases, it appears that solicitors have identified themselves as representatives of a private company, though in some cases, it appears that some solicitors may have inaccurately represented themselves as conducting door-to-door solicitation on behalf of the Village. Residents are reminded that the Village will not conduct door-to-door solicitation to discuss residents’ energy bills. 

The Village would like to share the following important information with residents regarding door-to-door solicitors:
  • All commercial door-to-door solicitors are required to have a permit issued by the Village. If you have concerns regarding a door-to-door solicitor and/or questions regarding the authenticity of their permit, call 911 for Public Safety assistance.
  • If you do not want door-to-door solicitors to approach your home, prominently display a “No Soliciting” notice on or near the main entrance by way of a sign measuring at least 3” x 4” in size. No soliciting notices should read in letters at least 3/8” in height. Free ”No Solicitors” stickers are available at Village Hall. It is illegal to solicit at a location where proper “No Soliciting” signage has been posted in the Village. With or without a sign, residents should not ever be afraid to exercise boundaries with solicitors by refusing to answer their door or by saying “no thank you” and shutting and locking their door. 
  • For more information about door-to-door solicitation regulations, visit the Village’s website
Also, please keep in mind the following information about energy suppliers:
  • Energy suppliers (such as natural gas or electric suppliers) and telecommunications companies (such as cable or telephone companies) may apply for solicitor permits. If a solicitor asks to see your utility bill, remember that you are not obligated to do so; however, if you choose to show a solicitor your bill, remember to remove or conceal your personal account information. 
  • The Village does not presently have a contract with an alternative electric supplier. In 2012, the Village entered into a contract with an alternative supplier, and when that contract expired in 2015, the Village did not enter into a new contract since rates with ComEd became more favorable. Since 2015, the Village (and its electric aggregation partners) have continued to monitor the electric market to determine the need for any future programs. Presently, all residents’ electric supplier is ComEd, unless a resident has chosen to enter into an individual contract with an alternative supplier. 
  • You may choose to enter into an individual contract with an alternative energy supplier. If you choose to consider an alternative energy supplier, the Village encourages you to learn more about suppliers by visiting the Illinois Commerce Commission’s website  at http://www.pluginillinois.org/complaints.aspx.