Coyote Awareness

CoyoteCoyote Awareness 

In recent weeks, the Public Safety Department has received reports of coyotes roaming Village streets and neighborhoods, especially those near forest preserve areas, parks and golf courses. While coyotes normally go out of their way to avoid human contact, they are rapidly discovering that our neighborhoods have excellent food sources—from pet food left outside, to open compost piles to garbage. Coyotes are becoming more resourceful which also means that they have become more visible in urban and suburban settings.

To discourage coyote presence near homes in Glencoe, Public Safety recommends the following:

  •  Always walk your dog on a leash and keep cats indoors. Allowing pets to run loose increases the chance of a coyote encounter.
  • Feed your pets inside. Do not keep pet food outdoors where it might attract coyotes or other wildlife.
  • Do not feed wildlife—feed/seed will attract coyotes or other small animals that coyotes prey upon.
  • Keep trash bins tightly closed.
  • Clear dense weeds and brush to remove shelter for rodents, which attract coyotes. A recent study of coyotes in Cook County found that small rodents were the primary food source for urban coyotes.1
  • If you encounter a coyote, shout, clap, or throw a small object in its direction. This may condition the coyotes to avoid people.

If you experience problems with coyotes, see them in your neighborhood, or have any questions regarding coyotes, or have other animal related concerns, please call Community Service Officer Katie Sweeney at (847) 461-1148.

For additional coyote information, please visit this Living with Wildlife page from the University of Illinois.1

Image source: Getty Images