Public Safety Officer Hiring Process

Glencoe-Public-Safety-LogoEntry-Level Hiring Process
No prior certifications or licenses needed!

The PSO application and testing process isn’t your average job interview - as seen from the process below, candidates complete a thorough and competitive testing process before being hired as a PSO. The PSO hiring process includes the following steps:

  1. PSO application and notice of exam posted online;
  2. Written exam;
  3. Top candidates participate in an assessment center and first interview with the Public Safety Commission;
  4. Candidates placed on an initial eligibility list and invited to apply for preference points (extra points for military service or prior employment as a police officer or firefighter);
  5. Candidates undergo a thorough background check and polygraph (lie detector) test;
  6. Top-candidates participate in a final interview with the Public Safety Commission;
  7. Selected candidates receive a conditional offer of employment and complete a medical exam, drug test and psychological exam
Questions about the hiring process? Please contact the Village Manager's Office at (847) 835-4114.