2019 Community Survey

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In the fall of 2019, the Village partnered with survey administration firm ETC Institute to field a community survey to better understand the community’s satisfaction with core Village services and to gain insight into the community’s priorities relating to special projects and initiatives. Conducting the 2019 Community Survey was an action item as outlined in the governance goal of the Strategic Plan, which directed staff to: “Evaluate and implement community engagement initiatives to determine satisfaction with Village services and future community priorities.”

As determined by the Village Board at the June 20, 2019 Committee of the Whole meeting, the primary goals of the survey were to collect feedback from residents on a comprehensive set of perceptions about the Glencoe community and Village services, while also giving residents an opportunity to give the Village Board input on high-level initiatives as future policy, Strategic Plan and budget priorities are developed. Secondarily, the survey was designed as a tool to benchmark current satisfaction levels to the 2015 survey results to help identify service areas where satisfaction improved or declined.

610 households responded to the survey, representing approximately 18% of the Glencoe community. At the December 19, 2019 Village Board meeting, staff provided the Board with an initial overview of survey results. View complete results and other information by following the links below:

Key Survey Findings

Overwhelmingly, the survey illustrated that the community’s satisfaction with life in Glencoe and core Village services is very high, as evidenced by 99% of respondents rating Glencoe as an excellent or good place to live, which is 28% above the U.S. average. Relating to the Village organization specifically, there were similarly positive reviews, with 93% of respondents indicating they were very satisfied or satisfied with overall Village services. Perhaps one of the biggest gains in positive perceptions since 2015 is the fact that there was an 11% increase (from 65% to 76%) in number of respondents indicating that they believe the community is moving in the right direction, which is 28% above the U.S. average. 

While these positive trends generally continue on a service-by-service basis in many cases, the survey results also show that there are a number of service areas that warrant attention: resident satisfaction with the Village's building permit approval process, public engagement in the Village's decision-making process and with the vibrancy of downtown Glencoe. As a result, the Village will be taking a number of steps in 2020 to improve service delivery, increase resident involvement and support growth in the Village's business district.

Moving forward, results will be used to inform future Village budget and strategic plan discussions, as well as other planning efforts. In particular, results will be used internally with staff teams to discuss operational changes, opportunities for improvement and customer service standards. 

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Special Topic Background Information

Use the drop-downs below to learn more about the special topics referenced in the 2019 Community Survey and to view the results of the 2015 Community Survey.