Water System Update


The Village’s water treatment plant supplies Glencoe households, businesses and public entities with filtered water on a daily basis. However, the current plant is 89 years old and is nearing the end of its useful life. In order to continue to provide safe, clean and sustainable drinking water of the highest standards to Glencoe residents, the Village is evaluating several potential options for delivering drinking water.

Water System Evaluation Project Status

In 2015, the engineering firm Strand Associates conducted a study of several options to provide information about the engineering feasibility of each option.  Strand reviewed this report with the Village Board, and the Village held three public open houses/community forums to share a summary of Strand’s report.  Since the last public open house and forums that took place in May and June 2015, staff has continued evaluating potential options for the Village’s water treatment plant. This evaluation includes some common themes from the questions asked at each of the three public discussions including:

  • Potential costs and viability of the potential options outlined in the water supply planning study
  • Potential location of a new water plant and the status of the Village’s current plant
  • Technology used for water filtration
  • Potential partnership opportunities with other communities to purchase water
  • Potential partnership opportunity with the Northwest Water Commission to provide a redundant water supply

Village staff continues to do its due diligence evaluating the potential options before making a recommendation to the Village Board. The Village will continue to seek public input and provide the public with information throughout the evaluation process.

The following information includes frequently asked questions about the water system and water plant evaluation. Click the links below for a fact sheet on each topic.

Options Under Review

The Village continues to evaluate many potential options. Click the links below to learn more about each option.

Evaluation Process

Stay Informed:

  • E-mail questions or comments to the water plant project e-mail address: waterplant@villageofglencoe.org
  • Contact the Village Manager’s Office at (847) 835-4114
  • Check this webpage regularly for updates
  • Click the links to the left in the document center for more detailed information on the progression of this project