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South School April 29, 2016 Arbor Day Tree Planting

The Village of Glencoe is a residential lakefront community in New Trier Township, Cook County, Illinois. Ten thousand years ago, glacial action carved the bluff-edged landscape and large ravines that drain eastern Glencoe to Lake Michigan.The eastern two thirds of the Village was predominately covered by oak trees, whereas the western portion was a mix of prairie and wetlands.Taking a look around Glencoe you can still see the vestige of original landscape and topography. The urban forest we preserve today in our community makes it a better place to live in tomorrow. 
Each year the Village shares the cost of planting parkway trees with interested residents through the annual tree planting program. In 1996, the Village expanded the program and began offering trees for planting on private property as well.  While the resident is responsible for the full cost and an additional planting fee for private property planting, the prices are negotiated by the Village, and are extremely competitive.  In general, any of the trees offered this year should be planted no closer than 25 feet to any other tree and no closer than 10 feet to any structure.  The trees will be planted in November by Mike Greco Landscaping, of Gurnee, IL. 

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