Lead Service Line Replacement

Lead Service Line Replacement Incentives

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Village of Glencoe are concerned about lead in your drinking water. Although the federal government banned the installation of lead service lines in 1986 and there are no lead mains in the Village water system, the Village estimates that there are over 600 private properties with lead service lines (of 3,100 total services). Some of these homes in the community may have lead levels above the US EPA action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb), or 0.015 milligrams of lead per liter of water (mg/l) and should take steps to reduce lead in their drinking water.

Under Federal law the Glencoe Water Utility  is required to have a program in place to minimize lead in the drinking water in private residences. This program includes corrosion control treatment, source water treatment, and public education. As a part of public education, the Village has created a brochure with detailed information about drinking water and lead, including the health effects of lead, sources of lead in drinking water, steps that you can take in the home to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water,how to identify lead service lines, and lead testing. 

The Village also wants you to know that it provides a number of incentives for homeowners who would like to replace their lead service lines, which will reduce the total cost of the work. These incentives include:

  • Waiving the permit fee for water line underground repair
  • Waiving of Village fees and deposits for pavement patching, sidewalk replacement or parkway restoration related to utility excavation (Homeowners are required to restore all disturbed areas to existing condition or better.)
  • No charge for parts including the b-box, curb stop, corporation cock, and tapping saddle
  • No charge for the Village water tap service
  • No charge for water meter upgrade (if desired)
The Village as also compiled a list of sewer/water contractors that have been pre-qualified to work in the Village of Glencoe. (The Village is not endorsing these contractors.)

If you have any questions about replacing your lead service line, please contact the Water Distribution Supervisor, Frank Colletti, at (847) 461-1652 or email at fcolletti@villageofglencoe.org.