Forestry and Parkways Division

The Public Works Forestry Division is responsible for the maintenance of more than 8,000 trees located in the public right-of-ways throughout the Village. The Forestry Division is responsible for routine tree trimming and pruning, tree and stump removal, tree planting, monitoring of disease and pest infestation, and maintaining an inventory of the Village's trees. The Village's certified arborists ensure that forestry work is performed in a safe and professional manner.

Thanks to the Village's commitment to the preservation and maintenance of its urban forest, the Village has been designated a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation for more than 30 years. 
Leaf Collection Program 
The Village's Fall Leaf Collection Program is a free program which takes place mid-October through early to mid-December. To participate in the Leaf Collection Program, please place your leaves in a long, low row in the parkway in front of your property. Want to know when the leaf collection crews will be in your neighborhood? Learn MoreUrban Forestry Management PlanIn 2022, the Village adopted the Urban Forestry Management Plan to guide its tree planting and management activities. The plan was funded through a grant from the Illinois Department of Natual Resources.\
ParkwaysThe Public Works Parkway Division provides landscape maintenance to public property areas throughout the Village. Maintenance activities include mowing and weed control, installation and pruning of landscape plant materials, parkway restoration and right-of-way litter collection.