2021 Proposed Bond Referendum Projects

Proposed 2021 Bond Referendum Investments
The Glencoe community has significant infrastructure and capital investment needs; the Village’s Calendar Year 2021 CIP includes $51.7 million in required infrastructure improvements during the next decade.

The April 6, 2021 referendum question is the Village’s first bond question brought to voters since 2015. It includes $10 million in investments that will be made in the coming three years (2022-2024). The referendum question will ask residents to fund the following improvements:
Question to Voters on April 6, 2021
Shall the Village of Glencoe, Cook County, Illinois, undertake storm sewer improvements, sanitary sewer upgrades, street resurfacing and lighting, and sidewalk installation and replacement, all on property owned by the Village or over which the Village has sufficient easements, and issue its general obligation bonds to the amount of $10,000,000 for the purpose of paying the costs thereof, said bonds bearing interest at not to exceed the rate of 6.00% per annum? YES     NO

Storm Sewer InprovementsProposed ProjectsStorm Sewer Improvements ($4.1 Million)

Proposed improvements are designed to include storm sewer upgrades to significantly increase the capacity of existing systems in targeted areas of the Village to relieve recurring and significant street, right-of-way and private property flooding.

Each of the targeted areas, as depicted in the right image and described below, has been studied by Village engineering consultants working together with staff, and the proposed projects are consistent with similar improvements completed over the last 25 years. Best storm water management practices will be utilized in proposed improvement designs, and the Village will also pursue available grant funding to supplement bond financing.

  1. Green Bay Road Drainage Basin (South): This is a 52-acre watershed that drains storm water from the residential neighborhoods west of Green Bay Road from Jackson Avenue south to Scott Avenue. The proposed improvement, which may be completed in phases, will include storm sewer upgrades at Green Bay Road and Linden Avenue, Euclid Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue east to an existing Sheridan Road storm sewer outfall to Lake Michigan.
  2. South/Washington Avenues Drainage Basin: This is a 146-acre watershed that drains storm water from an area bounded by Lincoln Avenue, Greenwood Avenue and Washington Avenue, west across the Skokie Country Club through an existing storm sewer that drains out Forest Preserve District property and ultimately to the east diversion ditch in the Skokie Lagoons. The proposed improvement is the final phase of work that was completed in 2017 on Park Avenue and the upper reaches of the watershed and will include new storm sewer pipe to address insufficient capacity at the west end of South Avenue and Washington Avenue/Washington Place.
  3. Sunset Lane/Vernon Avenue Drainage Basin: This is a 39-acre watershed that drains storm water from Green Bay Road and a residential area surrounding the intersection of Sunset Lane and Vernon Avenue. The proposed improvement will include storm sewer upgrades on Sunset Lane to address insufficient storm sewer capacity and reduce significant street flooding.
  4. Longwood Avenue Ravine Storm Outfall: This proposed improvement will upgrade the deteriorated storm sewer outfall, stabilize the ravine at the south end of Longwood Avenue and improve water quality in Lake Michigan by reducing significant sedimentation discharge. The final design for this improvement will be evaluated in conjunction with potential sanitary sewer improvements upstream of the existing Longwood sanitary sewer lift station.

Street Resurfacing and Lighting ($3.9 Million)

These improvements include maintenance street resurfacing of residential streets based on pavement surface conditions. The designated list of streets to be included is currently being finalized and will primarily include streets last paved between 1998-2008, as well as streets where significant water and sewer utility improvements have been completed by the Village since 2010. Maintenance street resurfacing improves the roadway surface, prolongs the life of the pavement sub-base and is a best practice to ensure the highest quality roadways for the lowest overall cost. The improvements also include funding for upgrades to some existing Village owned and maintained street lighting as well as the potential installation of some new street lighting in underserved residential neighborhood areas.

Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($1.2 Million)

These improvements include the ongoing engineering review and investigation of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s (MWRD) mandated Infiltration/Inflow Control Program (IICP) requirements to reduce rainwater infiltration and inflow (I/I) from the Village’s sanitary sewer systems. Reductions in the volume of I/I are intended to reduce the likelihood of sanitary sewer overflows and basement back- ups during major rainfall events. Detailed condition assessment investigations of the sanitary sewer system are currently underway that will identify defects that will be addressed through sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation, localized pipe repairs and sewer main lining. The proposed improvements will primarily be completed in a large identified priority area in central Glencoe. 

Sidewalk Improvements ($800,000)

These improvements include the Village’s ongoing residential sidewalk replacement program throughout the community. In addition, other improvements include the installation of new sidewalk to infill key gaps in the existing sidewalk network and implement pedestrian safety enhancements as identified in the Village’s first community Active Transportation Plan that the Village Board adopted in November 2018.
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