Community Investment Program

CIPLogoFINAL(Small)Community Investment Program Overview

In line with the Village's strategic priority of Infrastructure Replacement, the Village departments collaborate on an on-going 10-Year Community Investment Program (CIP).  The CIP is a working document that allows the Village to map out priorities for investing in the Village's infrastructure (including water and sewer lines, roads, curbs and gutters) as well as capital equipment (such as ambulances and Public Works vehicles). Each year, actual expenditures proposed in the CIP are brought forth to the Village Board as part of the budget discussion. The full detailed 10-Year CIP document can be found in the Calendar Year 2021 Budget

On the April 6, 2021 General Election ballot, the Village of Glencoe Board of Trustees is requesting voter authority to issue $10 million in General Obligation Bonds to fund several critical infrastructure projects and necessary maintenance improvements throughout Glencoe. As a non-home rule community, the Village requires voter authorization to borrow for long-term capital investments, which done through the issuance of long-term debt. Residents can find more information about the proposed investments in the referendum question here.

Calendar Year 2021 CIP  

The table below outlines the Calendar Year 2021 Community Investment Program by fund. The details for each individual project can be found in the Calendar Year 2021 Budget. Updates for upcoming and ongoing 2021 construction projects can be found at the link below.

General Fund
Project Description Fund Budgeted Amount
Leaf Vacuum Replacement #70 General Fund                 50,000
Enterprise Resource Planning Program-Year 3 General Fund               200,000
Sanitary Sewer Improvements (Dell/Longwood Main) Engineering General Fund                 75,000
Sanitary Sewer Rehab-IICP General Fund               325,000
Downtown Sidewalk Paver Restoration General Fund               120,000
Residential Sidewalk General Fund               200,000
Storm Sewer Drainage Improvements General Fund               150,000
Patrol Vehicle Replacement #652 General Fund                 55,000
Patrol Vehicle Replacement #660 General Fund                 55,000
2-1/2 Ton Dump #41 General Fund               200,000
Sewer Vac All Truck #25 General Fund               433,000
Sidewalk Tractor #54 General Fund                 80,000
Safe Routes to School - Funded by Grants Grant Funded               120,000
TOTAL $2,103,000
Water Fund
Project Description Fund Budget Amount 
Replace Pumps and Motors-Low Lift 1 and 2 Water Fund                 45,000
Replace Pumps and Motors-High Lift Water Fund                 60,000
Residential Water Meter Replacement - Year 2 Water Fund               750,000
TOTAL $855,00
Capital Projects Fund
Project Description Fund Budgeted Amount 
Downtown Gateway and Wayfinding Signage Capital Projects Fund 155,000
TOTAL $155,000
Motor Fuel Tax Fund
Project Description Fund Budgeted Amount
Traffic Signal Controller Modifications Motor Fuel Tax Fund 55,000
Golf Club Fund
Project Description Fund Budgeted Amount
Continuous Golf Cart Path Golf Club Fund                 55,000
Driving Range Tee Expansion Golf Club Fund                 23,000
Protective Safety Driving Range Netting Golf Club Fund               325,000