Community Improvement Program

CIPLogoFINAL(Small)CIP Overview

In line with the Village's strategic priority of Infrastructure Replacement, the Public Works and Finance departments collaborate on an on-going 10-Year Community Improvement Program (CIP). 

The CIP is a working document that allows the Village to map out priorities for investing in the Village's infrastructure (including water and sewer lines, roads, curbs and gutters) as well as capital equipment (such as ambulances and Public Works vehicles). Each year, actual expenditures proposed in the CIP are brought forth to the Village Board as part of the budget discussion. 

Download the full 10-Year CIP document (as included in the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget) here.

Construction Communication Survey

The Village is always looking for ways to improve our communication efforts, and as such, has developed a survey to gauge resident's satisfaction with our outreach during these projects. All response data will be kept anonymous and will be used to inform our future communication plans.

Should you have questions regarding this survey, please contact Management Analyst Adam Hall at ahall@villageofglencoe.org / (847) 461-1115.

Fiscal Year 2019 CIP  

Project Description Fund Budgeted Amount 
Firing Range Ballistic Upgrades General Fund 45,000
Public Safety Vehicle Replacement #653 General Fund 46,000
Public Safety Vehicle Replacement #657 General Fund 46,000
Apparatus Bay Floor Resurfacing General Fund 18,000
Public Safety Floor Upgrades  General Fund 14,500
Roof Replacement - NE Village Hall General Fund 27,000
Public Right-of-Way Improvements General Fund 55,800
Downtown Sidewalk Paver Restoration General Fund 75,000
Commuter Parking Lot Light Replacement - NW General Fund 130,000
Street Light Pole Replacement General Fund 19,800
Green Bay Trail Engineering General Fund 30,000
Backhoe Loader General Fund 75,000
Public Works Administrative Vehicle General Fund 34,500
Village Facility Security Upgrades General Fund 125,000
Enterprise Resource Planning Program General - Pending 800,000
Water Plant Scada System Water Fund 350,000
Master Meter Replacement Water Fund 30,000
Backhoe Loader (50% allocated to Water Fund) Water Fund 75,000
Water Main Replacement (Whitebridge Hill Rd.) Water Fund 160,000
Traffic Signal Upgrades Motor Fuel Tax Fund 23,000
Sanitary Sewer Lining Bond Construction Fund 450,000
Storm Sewer Outfall Improvement Bond Construction Fund 500,000
Residential Sidewalks Bond Construction Fund 200,000
Tudor Court Resurfacing Improvement Bond Construction Fund 125,000

An overview of 2018 construction projects is now available via the page below.