2020-2021 Water Meter Replacement Program

2020-2021 Water Meter Replacement Program

Over 99 percent of the water meters in the Village of Glencoe have been replaced as of August 2021. The Village of Glencoe is appreciative of all the residents and businesses that have cooperated to help complete this project. At this time, the online water utility customer portal has not yet been activated. Please continue to watch for program updates.


In March of 2020, the Village of Glencoe approved a contract for the Village-wide replacement of its water meter infrastructure. The water meter replacement  project is a part of a larger plan to address aging water infrastructure across the Village and was anticipated in the Village 2020 Stub Year Budget. The Village has elected to install “smart” water meter technology that utilizes a remote wireless meter reading process and has selected the Sensus water meter product line, known for its reliability, accuracy, and longevity. This technology will provide better customer service, reduced operation costs and greater data accuracy.

Systemwide Water Infrastructure Investments

The replacement of the water meter infrastructure is an essential part of the Village’s ongoing extensive plan to address aging water infrastructure, including its water distribution mains and the water plant. As outlined in the 2015 Master Water Plan, the collective goals of the water infrastructure improvements are to maintain adequate water pressure and fire flow in the system and provide for redundancies which will improve operations in times of emergency. The planned water main replacement improvements will decrease the number of water main breaks. Staff is also exploring options and alternatives with respect to the long-term viability of the Village’s 92-year-old water plant, including an ongoing joint feasibility study with the Village of Winnetka. Ultimately these improvements, including the water meter infrastructure replacement, are critical to maintaining and improving upon the existing level of service to the community.

“Smart" Technology sensus-iperl-north-america-water-meter-product-3

The installation of new “smart” water meters will improve the water customer experience and streamline water operations. Glencoe water utility customers can expect greater access to their water usage data throughout a billing period, allowing customers to monitor high use, identify potential water leaks, as well as enhancing water conservation efforts. New water meters will ensure fair and accurate water billing for customers as well as strengthen the financial health of the water utility. The Village will experience greater efficiency with fewer staff hours devoted to meter reading and failed meter changeouts. The Village will also be able reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating the need for the “drive-by” meter-reading process. Additionally, the Village will utilize the new water data to meet its regulatory obligations to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as a direct diverter of Lake Michigan water  by improving its efforts to locate and reduce water leaks in the distribution system which is a major contributor  to the volume of non-revenue water.

Currently the water meters are read through Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology that requires a water utility employee driving through the Village every month with a special radio device that collects meter reads that are uploaded for billing. Additional time is needed when there is a water account close-out. Comparatively, the new meter reading system, Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), will be an automatic process that collects readings multiple times a day as well as on-demand, as the figure below explains.

AMI Graphic

The installation of the new water meters and transceivers Village-wide is tentatively anticipated to start on Monday, August 31, 2020 and finish in the spring of 2021. The Village has contracted with Core & Main of Carol Stream, Illinois to coordinate this project and United Meters, Inc. of Morris, Illinois will be the subcontractor responsible for the physical meter changeout.
Water Meter Infrastructure Replacement Program Timeline Updated 7-22

Water utility customer can expect two communications via U.S. Mail from the Village about the upcoming project. Residents and businesses can expect the first communication in mid-August, which will be a flyer explaining the Water Meter Replacement Project and details about the physical water meter change-out appointment. (Unless a resident will be traveling during the installation phase, there is no need to make an appointment upon receipt of the flyer.) 

Map captureFrom mid-August through December, residents and businesses can expect a notification letter from the Village and its contractor requesting a meter change-out appointment be scheduled. All appointments will be scheduled through United Meters, Inc. For water meter installations, the Village has been divided into three zones and the notification letters will be sent to water utility customers according to the target start date for in their respecitve zones. Due to the current pandemic, these dates are subject to change.

Want to see what progress is being made on the Water Meter Replacement Program? Check out the Water Meter Replacment Program Map, updated weekly. (Note: Meter replacement completions are only being shown in Zone 1 and Zone 3 at this time.)

Update: Water meter replacement appointment letters will be sent to residents in Zone 2 the week of November 9. After receiving your appointment letter, please call United Meters at (877) 533-8964.

If you are resident in Zone 1 or 3, you should have received your water meter replacement appointment notification(s) in September or October, respectively. If you live in either zone and have not yet scheduled a water meter replacement appointment, please call United Meters, Inc. at the telephone number listed above (Updated: 11/10/2020).

For Residents and Businesses

The Village and its project contractors will work to make the meter replacement  process as convenient and safe as possible for residents and businesses, and is working to finalize the appropriate installation protocols that fully adhere to all CDC and Public Health (IDPH) recommendations. As a Glencoe water utility customer, it is important for you to understand that the installation of new water meters will require access inside your residence or business, as nearly all water meters are in the interior of buildings. Your water supply will also be turned off for the duration of the 30 minute appointment. As noted previously, prior to installation, water utility customers will receive a mailed notification on Village letterhead providing instructions on how to set up an appointment for your water meter to be replaced. The replacement and installation of the new water meters will be done at no cost to the customer and will not take more than a half hour to complete in most situations. 

COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Security

Due to concerns regarding the containment of COVID-19, the United Meters meter installers will be required to wear appropriate face masks and shoe covers when entering residences and businesses. Installers will also sanitize their hands before and after appointments. Only one installer will enter your home or business and the appointment will be less than 30 minutes. An adult, 18 years or older, must be present for the appointment. Residents and business owners will also receive instructions on how to maintain a safe distance from the work when scheduling their meter change-out appointment.

Still feeling concerned? The Village received the following comments in an email from a Glencoe resident in Zone 2 on November 9:

"I wish to commend the man who installed our new meter this morning. . . [The United Meters, Inc. installer] arrived at our house at approximately 10:40 a.m. He was understanding of the fact that we were being cautious because of COVID, and he didn’t touch anything other than the equipment he used, not even the lights or the doors. We appreciate his courtesy and professionalism."

Furthermore, the meter installers have completed background checks with the Village of Glencoe, and all have significant experience working in communities across the Chicago-area. All meter installers will carry identification from the Village. 

Urgency to Replace Water Meters

Old Water Meters
The Village has been preparing to replace its water meter infrastructure for several years and it is critical to the health of the water utility to complete this installation as soon as possible. Most of the current water meters are past their expected  service life and have lost accuracy as the internal mechanical parts have degraded and slowed, leading to under registering water consumption. Most existing meters that staff have tested are outside of the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) acceptable range of +/- 1.5% error. As a result, the Village’s water plant is currently producing and delivering more water through the distribution system and to the customer than the volume that is being registered through the meter and billed. Every year that passes, the water utility loses more water through the meters and the subsequent revenue needed to operate and maintain the overall water system. The revenue deficit to the Water Fund as a result of the water loss attributed to the aging water meters is significant. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Village to meet the non-revenue water regulatory obligations as a direct Lake Michigan water diverter.

Contact Information

The Glencoe water utility appreciates your cooperation in making this project a success. For more detailed information, please visit the Village of Glencoe website. For any questions or concerns related to the water meter replacement program, please contact Management Analyst Megan Olson at (847) 461-1115 or by e-mail at molson@villageofglencoe.org.

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