Citizen Connect

The Village of Glencoe is pleased to announce the launch of the Citizen Connect portal, an interactive public safety map presented in partnership with the Village of Glenview and neighboring communities served by Glenview Public Safety dispatch. Through the Citizen Connect portal, residents may view data pertaining to a variety of public safety incidents as selected by the Glencoe Public Safety Department. The map is available to the public at

Citizen Connect’s interface allows users to select a date range and incident type filters; jurisdiction boundaries are clearly defined. Users may also browse by address or view all pins in a list. Data uploads are delayed by one week following approval of a case report. In the interest of preserving individuals’ privacy, location data is reported as a hundred block, not an exact address. Sex crime data are purposely all reported at the police department address for the selected community.

Click here to explore Citizen Connect.

Additionally, the Public Safety Department shares weekly media releases highlighting crimes that have taken place within the last seven days. These releases can be viewed at