New Utility Billing Software and Water Meters

New Utility Billing Software and Water Meters

The Village of Glencoe recently went live with a new utility billing software, a component of the Village’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. In addition, as you may already be aware, the Village is in the process of changing out its water meter infrastructure. As part of these changes, you will notice a few changes in your water and sewer utility bill. Below is detailed information on what has changed.

New Account Numbers:  As part of this transition, your utility bill account numbers have changed. The new account numbers are nine digits and have hyphens. Please make sure you note your new account number when you receive your next bill.

New Online Bill Payment Portal: Customers will be able to view and pay their water and sewer bill online through a new online payment portal called “Municipal Online Services.” As part of this new functionality, customers will be able to see consumption history and prior transaction history.

The Village of Glencoe will continually add more payment options online. Soon, you’ll be able to make all of your payments here – whether you are paying your water bill or your alarm permit.

Please note, the Village will not accept online payments for amounts greater than $2,500.

Unit of Measure Change: Currently, your meter is read in cubic feet. As part of switching to a new utility billing software, readings will now be done in gallons. This transition helps make it easier to understand your water consumption and can help you better understand how your household uses water by registering usage in an easier to understand unit of measure. 

Due to the fact that the Village is in the process of replacing all residential water meters, some bills may show reads in hundreds of cubic feet, with consumption in gallons. This will change once your water meter is replaced.

If you would like to verify the consumption value on your bill, below is a sample for understanding your water and sewer bill.

More accurate readings: As meters age, the technology used to register water usage slows down and can sometimes stop. As the Village’s existing equipment is replaced, new water meters will ensure fair and accurate water billing for customers as well as strengthen the financial health of the water utility as water usage that was not captured previously will now register on the new meters. This is important, as water revenues are reinvested in all aspects of the Village’s water infrastructure, from the Village’s Water Treatment Plant to water mains.