Village Governance

Village Governance

During development of the Village’s current Strategic Plan and strategic vision statement, the Village Board discussed the State of Illinois’ significant impact on Village operations. As an outcome of this discussion, the Board determined that it was necessary to evaluate the Village’s current governance structure, including its regulatory, financial and economic development authority. Glencoe is currently a special charter, non-home rule municipality which imposes governance and regulatory limitations on the Village Board related to each of the above subject areas. Staff was directed to research and present information regarding Glencoe’s current form of government and whether it provides optimal regulatory authority and adequately equips the Village to respond to the community’s needs within a continually changing environment.

In both 2019 and 2020, Village staff presented information to the Village Board for its review and discussion.

During the August 20, 2020 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Village Board directed staff to move forward with creating informational materials about home rule governance versus non-home rule governance, stemming from information gained through staff research.

Information presented to the Village Board in 2019 and 2020 regarding governance is found in the listed below. To view information regarding a specific topic of discussion listed on the table, click on the Agenda Packet for that meeting.

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Committee/Commission and
Meeting Type


Topic(s) of Discussion

More information:

May 14, 2019

Village Board – Committee of the Whole

Governance structures in Illinois; the Village’s governance structure as a special charter, nonhome rule municipality; municipal legislative authority in general


Agenda packet







July 18, 2019



Village Board – Committee of the Whole

Legal aspects of home rule authority, governance structures in the North Shore region, past reviews of Glencoe’s governance structure, Glencoe’s local legislative authority


Agenda packet

September 19, 2019

Village Board – Committee of the Whole

Revenue sources available in the home rule governance structure



Agenda packet

January 16, 2020

Village Board – Committee of the Whole



2019 Community Survey feedback related to the Village’s local legislative and financial authority


Agenda packet

August 20, 2020





Village Board – Committee of the Whole



Review of previous Committee of the Whole discussions; discussion of the Village Board’s potential next steps pertaining to governance


Agenda packet

Governance Information

What is home rule governance?

What is the difference between home rule and non-home rule authority?

Is the Village home rule or non-home rule?

Why is the Village discussing home rule and non-home rule?

Wouldn't my property taxes automatically go up if the Village were to become home rule?

Can a municipality choose to limit its home rule authority?

How could the Village become home rule?

Is home rule all about money?

How can home rule and non-home rule municipalities create local laws differently?

Is there a difference in how home rule and non-home rule municipalities can create revenue sources other than property taxes?

Are any of our neighboring communities home rule?

Has the Village previously considered home rule authority?