Tudor Court

Tudor Court Design Review Process Overview

Glencoe’s Downtown Plan, adopted in December 2016, recommends the Village should reinvest in initiatives that support private property improvements and enhance the downtown district’s attractiveness and unique character. Tudor Court was specifically identified in the Downtown Plan as presenting an opportunity for place-making through special streetscape treatments. In particular, enhancements that support the emerging “arts core” thanks to Writers Theatre and surrounding galleries, were highlighted as a priority. The intention is to create public and semi-public spaces that facilitate both social and economic exchanges – places where friends gather, celebrations are held and cultures mix.

To this end, the Village has enlisted the assistance of Teska Associates, an urban planning and design firm based in Evanston, IL, to facilitate community engagement around the Tudor Court enhancements. Feedback from the community will be used to identify desired design alternatives, which will then be presented to the Village Board for consideration.

The Village has created the Tudor Court Stakeholder Focus Group to help guide the process. This group is made up of representatives from several Tudor Court businesses, Writers Theatre, the Women’s Library Club, Glencoe Park District, the Glencoe Chamber of Commerce and homeowners adjacent to Tudor. Together, the Stakeholder Focus Group has developed a shared understanding about issues and perceptions related to Tudor Court; the work to date has been collaborative, focused on “big picture” items related to use, functions, activities and appearances within the right-of-way and adjacent properties.

Design Review Timeline tudorcourt_stakeholders

  • July 18, 2017: Programming / Space Use and Analysis
    Teska conducted a workshop meeting at Village Hall Chambers. The meeting included introductions to the project team, scope and schedule. Teska’s presentation to the group included an overview of the Downtown Plan, an existing conditions assessment and comparable character photographs that illustrate enhancement features from other “special places.” Following the workshop, the group participated in a walking tour of Tudor Court.
Some general themes that arose from these activities included:
    1. Tudor Court should be a comfortable and safe environment for pedestrians first, but also accommodate cars and deliveries;
    2. Access and entrances to Tudor Court from surroundings are important (such as the Green Bay Road mid-block crossing, Park Avenue and Vernon Avenue);
    3. Passive or restful places for people should be located adjacent to active uses (such as Writers Theater, businesses and Friend’s Park);
    4. Screening of the backs of buildings may be important;
    5. In addition to being safe and functional, the objective should be to make Tudor Court attractive and celebratory of arts and culture.
  • August 30, 2017: Conceptual Models / Benchmarking
    Based on the input received in July, Teska produced three Programmatic Exercises. The exercises included interchangeable design elements and and were organized into “Levels of Intervention”. The Levels of Intervention presented included the following interchangeable design elements:
    1. Minimum Intervention: Existing roadway configuration remains intact and is resurfaced. Modest pavement improvements are made at key pedestrian crossing areas. Glencoe Drive remains in its current configuration. Site features are added to the existing right-of-way.
    2. Intermediate Intervention: Roadway and on-street parking is reconfigured to expand and protect the pedestrian space. Glencoe Drive is terminated north of the Writers Theatre/Women’s Library Club Park property line, and converted to additional green space. Site features are integrated.
    3. Maximum Intervention: Glencoe Drive is terminated, as indicated in the Intermediate Intervention. The Tudor Court Roadway is reconstructed as a shared street/plaza environment, including a conversion of all parking to parallel configuration. Site features are integrated.
  • September 19, 2017: Committee of the Whole Presentation #1
    After incorporating the Stakeholder Focus Group’s feedback into the Programmatic Exercises, they were presented to the Village Board at the September 19 Committee of the Whole meeting. 
  • November 13, 2017: Tudor Court Placemaking Public Open House
    Download event flyer | Download presentation 
    Following initial input from the Board, the Village and Teska partnered with the Village to host an open house to facilitate further discussion. At the open house, three concepts were presented to for feedback; Glencoe residents and stakeholders are encouraged to attend and share their input. 

  • December 18, 2017: Stakeholder Focus Group Meeting
    Following the public open house, the Stakeholder Focus Group met to respond to community ideas and suggestions.
  • December 2017 - January 2018: Public Input Survey
    A nine-question survey was distributed throughout the community to further engage the community.
  • January 18, 2018: Committee of the Whole Presentation #2
    View Meeting Agenda Packet | View Minutes
    A presentation to the Village Board, inclusive of design concepts, public feedback and cost estimates was made at the January Committee of the Whole meeting. Read the packet linked above for more information.
  • May 15, 2018: Committee of the Whole Presentation #3
    View Meeting Agenda Packet | View Minutes
    Following Village Board feedback given at the January Committee of the Whole meeting, Village staff worked with Teska Associates to develop refined cost estimates for Tudor Court improvements. Trustees discussed future design elements and decided that memorable features were most suitable for the community moving forward. Read the packet above linked for more information.