Hoover Estates Subdivision Application Process

Hoover Estates Subdivision Application Review Process

Project Overview:
The Village’s Plan Commission is in the midst of reviewing a subdivision application for 1801 Green Bay Road, commonly known as the Hoover Estate. The applicant is proposing to develop the 12.1-acre property by subdividing into 29 lots with new homes. As subdivision applications are uncommon in Glencoe, this page has been developed to help keep residents and other stakeholders apprised of the process overall, next steps and opportunities for input. Note that the next meeting on the topic is scheduled for the upcoming Plan Commission meeting on Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Village Manager’s Office at (847) 835-4114 or info@villageofglencoe.org.

Proposal Review Steps:

  • (COMPLETE) Step 1: Initial concept meetings with Village staff and a pre-application conference with the Village Board: While not a necessary step, the Village Board held a pre-application conference with the Hoover developers given the magnitude of the proposed project. At this stage, the Village Board gave the developers preliminary feedback on traffic management, stormwater mitigation, historic preservation, environmental sustainability and potential impact on surrounding properties. 
    Relevant documents: Committee of the Whole Packet | Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes

  • (IN PROCESS) Step 2: Submit Preliminary Plat of Subdivision for Plan Commission Consideration: In reviewing the preliminary plat proposal, the Plan Commission must take into consideration 12 subdivision standards (view them here), but other factors are also considered (e.g. historic preservation). Should the Plan Commission find issues or have questions, more than one meeting may be held to review the proposal with the developer (as is the case with the current proposal).

    The Plan Commission hosted their first meeting with the developers on June 26. Given their feedback as well as a wealth of input from area neighbors, the meeting was continued. The next meeting on the topic is schedule for Wednesday, August 28. Click here to view the August 28 Plan Commission Packet.
    Relevant documents: June 26 Plan Commission Packet

  • Step 3: Plan Commission Makes Recommendation to the Village Board Regarding Preliminary Plat of Subdivision: Based on their review of the proposal, the Plan Commission may recommend that the Village Board approve the preliminary plat of subdivision. This is not the final step in the process, however. If the Board chooses to approve the preliminary plat, it is sent back to the Plan Commission for its review of the final plat of subdivision.

  • Step 4: Plan Commission Considers Final Plat of Subdivision: In this step, the Plan Commission considers final engineering of the subdivision, including traffic management, stormwater management and other factors. Once it has completed its comprehensive review, the Plan Commission may forward a recommendation to the Village Board to approve the final plat.

  • Step 5: Village Board Considers Final Plat of Subdivision: At this point, the Village Board will take the recommendation from the Plan Commission, any additional community feedback, and decide whether to approve the final plat. If approved, construction may commence only after this step.