Dispatch Consolidation FAQs

Consolidation Overview

As required by State law, Glencoe consolidated emergency dispatch responsibilities with the Village of Glenview – a change that took effect June 6, 2017. Glencoe Public Safety Officers will continue to provide 24/7 police, fire and emergency medical services. Residents are reminded that dialing 911 is the preferred method to request emergency assistance. 

We've compiled these FAQs to help explain the consolidation process. If you have any additional questions not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact Public Safety at (847) 835-4112

Learn more about the consolidation process and the selection of the Village of Glenview here

Frequent Asked Questions

Will Glencoe Public Safety Officers still respond to my home for police, fire and EMS purposes, in addition to performing police patrol services, once dispatch services are consolidated?

Who will answer the non-emergency phone calls (847) 835-4112 that were answered by the Glencoe Public Safety dispatch center?

If I feel threatened, will I be able to enter Village Hall after-hours to seek assistance from Public Safety Officers?

I am unable to visit Village Hall during regular business hours to purchase things like a Commuter Parking Permit or to pay a parking ticket. How do I make these purchases and payments after-hours?

When I find items around the community I bring them to Public Safety – much like a lost and found. How should I turn in these items after-hours?

How do Glenview's dispatchers know our community if they are not working in Glencoe?

Other than being in compliance with State law, are there other advantages to dispatch consolidation?