Cannabis Regulation

Establishing Local Regulations for the Sale of Recreational Cannabis in Glencoe

As per the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, signed into law in May, the sale, possession and use of recreational cannabis will be legal for those age 21 and older in Illinois starting January 1. While the State has passed several laws regulating this new market, local governments have significant authority in determining the time and place of the sales, and in deciding whether to apply a local tax to recreational cannabis products sold in the Village.

With this authority, the Village Board is currently considering whether the sale of recreational cannabis should be allowed in Glencoe, and if so, when and where. While no formal decision has been made, the topic was discussed at the August 15 Committee of the Whole meeting and based on that initial discussion, the Village Board is preliminarily interested in permitting sales in the Village’s existing business districts with some limitations.

Before making a formal decision, they have requested that Village staff prepare a list of potential local regulations for discussion next month. Once they give feedback on those considerations, the process of adopting local regulations will begin with the modifying the Village’s zoning code. Tentatively, if given direction to do so by the Village Board, the Zoning Commission could host a Public Hearing on the topic as early as October.

Should you like to give input on the topic, please share your comments with the Village Manager’s Office by e-mailing info@villageofglencoe.org.

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