Village Construction Projects


Current Construction Projects 

Staff is busy coordinating with contractors to complete several capital improvement projects for 2019 as detailed in the Village's 10-Year Community Improvement Program (CIP). As continue the construction season, stay tuned to the construction updates on this page, register for Glencoe CONNECT and subscribe to Village eNews for timely updates as these projects progress. View the Fiscal Year 2020 CIP Project Schedule (Updated March 2019).

Look here for more information on regional construction projects being conducted by other agencies. 

Residential Sidewalk Replacement - COMPLETE

Project Description
The Village maintains over 73 miles of public sidewalk throughout the community. Each year, the Village replaces sidewalk square areas based on the structural condition of the concrete (cracking, spalling or deterioration), heaved sections (trip hazards), excessive sloping and poor drainage. The primary goal of the program is to maintain a safe and functional pedestrian sidewalk system.

Residential sidewalk replacement in the Village is broken into three areas and is inspected on a 3-year cycle. This year, the replacement work will be focused on the east half of Area 3 as highlighted in the story map here. The Village estimates that we will replace approximately 30,000 square feet of sidewalk this year. 

  • Total Project Cost: $125,000
  • Project Contractor: Schroeder & Schroeder, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: July 22, 2019 
  • Project Completion Date: August 2019 (COMPLETE)
  • Project Manager: Donald Kirk, General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Temporary sidewalk closures, Parkway restoration for impacted areas, Please mark any sprinkler heads in the parkway 
  • Initial Notification Letter: View letter here
  • Construction Update: (Posted August 19, 2019): Construction on the residential sidewalk replacement program is now complete. 
  • (Posted July 24, 2019): Construction is underway on the residential sidewalk replacement project. Sidewalk and curb and gutter segments identified for replacement have already been marked with pink paint. Tentatively, the Village anticipates the project lasting 2-3 weeks. Impact to surrounding homes should be minimal, however, if you have any sprinkler heads in the parkway, we recommend marking them. 

Downtown Sidewalk Paver Restoration

Project Description
Fiscal Year 2020 marks the second year of a five-year Downtown Sidewalk Brick Paver Restoration Project. There is approximately 70,000 square feet of brick paver sidewalk in the downtown and this year’s program will restore an estimated 12,000 square feet on the south side of Park Avenue from Greenwood Avenue to Vernon Avenue, and the west side of Vernon Avenue from Park Avenue to Hazel Avenue. The scope of the work includes the removal of all brick pavers/border tiles, regrading of the stone sub-base and  resetting the brick pavers/border tiles including the replacement of any that are stained or cracked. The Village will be working with the contractor to limit the impact to businesses and patrons.

Water Main Improvement Project


DiMeo Brothers, Inc has installed the new water mains on Euclid Avenue and Lincoln Drive. The water mains have been cleared for service. Service hookups are beginning today. DiMemo Brothers, Inc. will be knocking on doors to inform residents that their water will be shut off for a brief period during the switch to the new water main. 

Project Description
The Fiscal Year 2020 Budget includes water main improvements on two streets: Lincoln Drive and Euclid Avenue. The Lincoln Drive project will consist of the installation of 650 feet of eight inch water main and the replacement of water services from the water main to the b-box. Additionally, the Euclid Avenue project will include the installation of 872 feet of eight inch water main and the replacement of water services from the main to the b-box.  Work is scheduled to begin the first week of October and will be completed in five to six weeks, ending in mid-November. 

  • Total Project Cost: $576,319
  • Project Contractor: DiMeo Brothers, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: October 1, 2019
  • Project Completion Date: Second Week of November 2019
  • Project Manager: Donald Kirk, General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Some intermittent loss of water and blocked residental driveways-may require street parking during the day.
  • Initial Notification Letter: View letter here
  • Project Map Location: Lincoln Drive; Euclid Avenue
  • Construction Update (Sept. 30, 2019): Contractors will begin mobilization at both locations this week (Sept. 30-Oct.4). Two valves will be installed at Woodlawn Avenue and Euclid Avenue. Directional drilling of water main will begin on Lincoln Drive.