Village Construction Projects


Current Construction Projects 

Staff is busy coordinating with contractors to complete several capital improvement projects for 2020 as detailed in the Village's 10-Year Community Investment Program (CIP). As continue the construction season, stay tuned to the construction updates on this page, subscribe to Village eNews for timely updates as these projects progress. 

Look here for more information on regional construction projects being conducted by other agencies. 

Tudor Court Street and Streetscape Improvements

Project Description

Following a two year public engagement and design review process, the Village is moving forward with street and streetscape improvements on Tudor Court. Learn more about the Tudor Court Design Review Process here.

The scope of the improvements will include new concrete curb and gutter, resurfaced street pavement and restoration of the brick pavers. Additional improvements will include realigning the roadway to create a designated drop-off area, a new mid-block pedestrian crosswalk, enhancements to pedestrian level lighting, new clustered seating, benches and landscaping as well as the removal of the south end of Glencoe Drive and the construction of a dead-end turnaround.

  • Total Project Cost: $1,736,375
  • Project Contractor: Alliance Contractors, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: Monday, April 13, 2020
  • Project Completion Date: November 2020
  • Project Manager: James Tigue, Civil Engineer
  • Resident Impacts: Temporary sidewalk closure and some temporary loss of street parking.
  • Initial Notification Letter: Glencoe Drive Residents; Tudor Court Business and Property Owners
  • Construction Update: Construction has been completed with the exception of the retaining wall lighting under the new benches on the north side of the street. All work should be completed by Thanksgiving. (Updated on Nov 4, 2020.)

 Downtown Sidewalk Paver Restoration

Project Description

Stub Year 2020 marks the third year of a five-year Downtown Sidewalk Brick Paver Restoration Project. There is approximately 70,000 square feet of brick paver sidewalk in the downtown and this year’s program will restore an estimated 13,000 square feet on the north side of Park Avenue from Village Court to Vernon Avenue, the east side of Vernon Avenue from Park Avenue to Hazel Avenue, and the north side of Hazel Avenue from Vernon Avenue to Village Court. The scope of the work includes the removal of all brick pavers/border tiles, regrading of the stone sub-base and  resetting the brick pavers/border tiles including the replacement of any that are stained or cracked. The Village will be working with the contractor to limit the impact to businesses and patrons.

  • Total Project Cost: $105,000
  • Project ContractorA-1 Contractors, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: May 4, 2020
  • Project Completion Date: July, 2020
  • Project Manager: Donald Kirk, General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Some intermittent loss of parking in the commuter lot.
  • Project Location Map: View location map
  • Initial Notification Letter: View letter here
  • Construction Update: The brick paver restoration project has been completed for 2020. (7/14/2020)

Commuter Parking Lot Lighting Improvements

Project Description

The second phase of an overall street light improvement plan in downtown Glencoe includes replacement of the street light poles and fixtures with new LED lamps in the southwest and southeast commuter lots. The new poles and fixtures will be consistent with the design of the streetlights throughout downtown, as well as with the new lights installed in the northwest commuter lot earlier this year.

  • Total Project Cost: $155,000
  • Project Contractor: Jasco Electric Corporation
  • Project Start Date: June 29, 2020
  • Project Completion Date: August 15, 2020
  • Project Manager: Donald Kirk, General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Some intermittent loss of parking in the commuter lots.
  • Project Location Map: View location map
  • Initial Notification Letter: Pending
  • Construction Update: The new custom cast aluminum streetlight poles and fixtures have been installed in the southwest and southeast commuter parking lots, and all landscape restoration work, including a new wood fence in the southwest lot, has been completed. (Updated Nov 4, 2020.)

Water Main Improvement Project

Project Description
The Stub Year 2020 Budget includes water main improvements on three streets: Forest Way Drive, Longwood Avenue and Hawthorn Avenue. The Forest Way Drive project will consist of the installation of 497 feet of twelve  inch water main and the replacement of water services from the water main to the b-box. The Longwood Loop Avenue project will include the installation of 296 feet of six inch water main and the replacement of water services from the main to the b-box. Lastly, 1,540 feet of water main will be replaced with an eight inch water main on Hawthorn Avenue and services will be replaced to the b-box. 

  • Total Project Cost: $815,000
  • Project Contractor: Mauro Sewers Construction, Inc.
  • Project Start Date: Mid-September
  • Project Completion Date: Late-November
  • Project Manager: Donald Kirk, General Superintendent
  • Resident Impacts: Some intermittent loss of water and blocked residential driveways-may require street parking during the day.
  • Initial Notification Letter: Pending
  • Project Map Location: Forest Way Drive, Longwood Avenue, Hawthorn Avenue; Longmeadow Lane
  • Construction Update: The water main work on Forest Way Drive project as well as the Longwmeadow Lane Loop project (from Westely Road to Westwood Lane) is compelete. Restorations, including landscaping and aspault patching, should be completed by late November. Work is currently underday on the water main projects at Longwood Avenue and Hawthorn Avenue. (11/4/2020)