Vote for Glencoe's Most IM-PECK-ABLE Bird

Help the Birds and the Planet by Voting for Glencoe’s
Most Im-Peck-Able Bird

Glencoe and its surrounding region draw a spectacular diversity of birds, with roughly 300 species passing through each year on their way to the Arctic or back to South America.  But we’re seeing fewer birds each year as human pollution and climate change threaten their natural habitats, which Glencoe has a lot of-- the lake, our yards, parks, rivers and the Skokie Lagoons. To increase awareness about the importance of biodiversity, Village of Glencoe's Sustainability Task Force is announcing a contest, starting May 12, 2021 and ending June 30, 2021 to select a bird “mascot” to engage the community. Activities like planting native shrubs and trees that provide shelter, nests and food sources in our backyards will help our feathered friends survive and flourish. Birds are natural pest controllers, pollinators and clean-up crews-- we need them as much as they need us.

Read about ten of our feathered neighbors by clicking each of the cards below or watch this video! Click here to vote for the bird you think should be the bird mascot. Choose your favorite and cast your vote for Glencoe’s “Most Im-Peck-Able Bird”! The winner will be announced at the end of June!

Great Horded OwlHummingbirdRed Tailed HawkAmerican Goldfinch10Balimore OrioleBlack Capped ChickadeeYellow WarblerNorthern FlickerDark eyed JuncoGreat Blue Heron