Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Fall Leaves

One of the focus areas of the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force (STF) is carbon reduction. In support of this, the STF has been investigating ways to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions of gasoline-powered leaf blowers. 

Currently, the Village Code [24-38(c)(2)] restricts the use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers to limited calendar windows in the spring (March 15 to May 15) and fall (September 15 to December 15). Their use for all other times of the year is not allowed. Several neighboring communities also have similar restrictions on the use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers. 

The STF developed a plan for Village Board consideration that recommends a ban on using gasoline-powered leaf blowers in Glencoe. The STF is recommending a gradual decrease in the permitted times they can be used until they are completely prohibited by March of 2024. 

This plan was presented to the Village Board at the October 21, 2021 Board of Trustees Committee of the Whole Meeting. The Village Board was supportive of the STF's idea. The STF is starting to work with Village staff to discuss how to move forward with reviewing the impacts of their proposed plan and how to approach other communities to initiate a multi-community effort.