Sesquicentennial Planning Committee

The Sesquicentennial Planning Committee was established by the Village President in 2018 to plan and execute a year of celebration in 2019, to commemorate 150 years since the Village of Glencoe's incorporation in 1869.

The Village of Glencoe is fast approaching our 150th anniversary of incorporation in 2019. As such, the Sesquicentennial Planning Committee is planning a series of events and activities, in conjunction with community organizations and other volunteers, to make 2019 a year to remember. Interested in helping to plan for the celebration? Contact staff liaison Megan Hoffman

Members of the Committee include:

Karen Ettelson, Chair
Gail Lissner, Village Board Liaison
(Additional members soon to be appointed)

The Committee typically meets at 4 p.m., every other Tuesday of the month, or as needed, in the First Floor Conference Room at Village Hall. 

Learn more about the celebration at www.glencoe150.org